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Merric's Erratically Updated Reviews of old D&D adventures


Eternal Optimist
I have never read or played this module.

From your review, it sounded like the first half is not an adventure at all but mere narration, by the GM, of events that occur to the PCs? Is that right?

Not quite. It has chances for the PCs to think they're interacting with the story. It's not "they get captured" it's "they get a chance to fight, but they'll be captured no matter what they do."


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Eternal Optimist
Merry Christmas, everyone!

I've been rather distracted this year by all the reviews of 5E adventures I've been doing, but finally, here's another classic adventure review.

B7: Rahasia



This one of the few modules I have played, we couldn't afford many and boy many made it to our local retailer here in NZ. Most of our money went to rule books and setting boxes. I DM it, but I must have changed out a lot cos it ran pretty different from your review haha. It was fun, but then again teenage DnD didn't have any non fun times :)

Thanks Merric, I'll pick this up from dndclassics for nostalgia if it's there.


First Post
Just a quick reply to say thanks for doing these Merrick.

I'm sometimes tempted to go and get some of these old ones so it is nice to have a review to see if I think it would fit for my games.

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