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MidGuard: The Roleplaying Game is coming to Kickstarter!

In MidGuard: The Roleplaying Game, you will be introduced to the world that combines science-fiction with Nordic mythology and play a character who is no stranger to cybernetic implants, but can also be an adept of the mystical art of hexeri.

Now you can create your own, futuristic saga, where the residents of the Nine Systems constantly fight against one another. Will you have enough courage to face trolls, dragons and space krakens?

You can also connect yourself to the forbidden Yggdrasil Network to give the finger to Odin himself and prepare for the approaching final battle of Ragnarok.

It is your story. Make it epic.

MidGuard: The Roleplaying Game was first released in Poland in 2022, following a very successful crowdfunding campaign. The game is based on a custom d20 mechanic with heavy emphasis on the player’s resources, allowing to modify the outcome of the check result.

Follow our pre-launch page on Kickstarter and stay tuned for the upcoming news!
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