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Might Have Been Asked Before: Ranger Class Ability "Hunter's Bond"

Artur Hawkwing

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I have been given a couple of days advance warning that Marcus will be leveling soon, and while choosing between another level in Ranger and another in Wizard, I came across the 4th level Ranger ability 'Hunter's Bond'. My question is this...not so keen on him having a pet, would love to have him bond, but is it possible, with the way LPF works how you rarely travel with the same party much, for him to use the bond with party option and have it in effect even if he's traveling with a different party entirely down the road?


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You don't actually bond with specific characters. The bond (when used) applies to all allies within range whether they are the same allies you had last week or not.


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Glasseye is completely mistaken. Rangers can only bond with specific other characters through a ritual that involves putting on your robe and wizard hat and then RPing some sexytime. I look forward to the IC thread.