[Miniatures] Dog's Bones - 2018 ->Dec 18th - Animals


Wow looks really good! I sometimes lightly dry brush silver over feathers to give them a shine, but your layering of colors worked really well and got a similar effect. Good work on the wash!

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Male Fighters

Next batch of heroes is up. Assorted Male Fighters. As you may have guessed, I tend to do a group of figures at a time. It lets me have some concentrated painting time, while letting paint dry of figures between steps. (Also lets me use up paint on my palette, so figures done at once may have similar paint schemes -- hopefully when I am done, there be be enough over all variety it won't be noticed.)
Tomorrow I will post the Female Fighters I have been working on in this same "batch."

024 (Medium).JPG025 (Medium).JPG022 (Medium).JPG023 (Medium).JPG021 (Medium).JPG019 (Medium).JPG020 (Medium).JPG016 (Medium).JPG017 (Medium).JPG014 (Medium).JPG015 (Medium).JPG001 (Medium).JPG002 (Medium).JPG

Female Fighters

Here are the Female Warriors that I promised. For basing, I'm just using what seems to fit on a case-by-case basis. (I.E. Some of the bases are close enough to 1" rounds, some have special terrain, and some need to be re-based.)
003 (Medium).JPG004 (Medium).JPG005 (Medium).JPG006 (Medium).JPG007 (Medium).JPG008 (Medium).JPG009 (Medium).JPG010 (Medium).JPG011 (Medium).JPG012 (Medium).JPG

Clockwork Dragon

Working on a couple of the dragons. First up: the Gargantuan Clockwork Dragon. Mounted on a homemade 4" base, with 1" grid carved into it. I had more trouble with the large flat wings than I did with the small details. Also, this is the first piece I wish I had painted before assembling.

009 (Medium).JPG008 (Medium).JPG007 (Medium).JPG006 (Medium).JPG005 (Medium).JPG004 (Medium).JPG002 (Medium).JPG001 (Medium).JPG010 (Medium).JPG

That Dragon looks Awesome! Good work.

After looking at the pictures, I realized that the underbelly did not turn out as good as I thought. I wanted to have it look like a furnace (either for steampunk type power, non-magical fire breath, or something). So I did some touchups... not sure that I'm happy with it yet, so I might play with it a little more before I'm "done."

004 (Medium).JPG


Fire is tough to do right. Here is my advice for doing flame (it might give you an idea for what to do with your furnace).
My best stab at doing flame is to first paint it yellow, then paint half way down from the top with dark red. Wash dark red over the entire "flame", then dry brush a few coats of yellow near the base and lightly hit the tips with red, and you might even add a pinch of gold to the very tips. The effect should be yellow in the middle, with red flames at the top with some transition. More often than not new painters will paint flame red to yellow (yellow on top), but flame just doesn't look like that.

WotC repaints - WaterSummoner

Okay, so I've been a little busy and have not even started the next model yet. (Plus I've been distracted by the new Bones II kictstarter :) ).

So, here is an older repaint I did of some WotC figures. I give you the Bonded Water Summoner:

076 (Medium).JPG

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