Mission Accomplished - Job well done.

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Usama Bin Laden (Arabic spelling) was taken down in a six month intelligence and military operation. It appears that a combination of SIGNIT (Signals Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and PHOTINT (Phono Intelligence) on both the Military and Civilian sides of the house.

His body has been recovered in Pakistan. To my brothers and sister in both the Military and especially my peers in the intelligence community - Mission Accomplished, a job well done! Thank you for some modicum of peace at last.

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Just like 2003 capture of Sadam, the timing is suspect (considering Obama ran on a promise of getting us out of Afganistand and Iraqi by 2012). Osama was handed to the intelligence community on a silver player for a reason.

I have two predictions:

1) Next Target: Adam Gadahn.... Troops will be sent to Yemen to back up the Yemeni government (who has been as brutal of an oppressor as Quadafi but is fighting Al Queda "Freedom fighters").
2) Osama's remains will be returned to Saudia Arabia
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As you recall, we leave politics to other sites and concentrate on gaming here, so I'm closing this thread.


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