Modiphius PDF Sale

I just received an email from Modiphius detailing a big PDF sale they are having currently:

"For those who just want to pick up a PDF, here's a code to use to get 10% discount on PDF's - just use TOGETHER at the checkout in the coupon code box (you can use it multiple times). If you want to go big, use the code PDFME which will get you a whopping 40% off if you spend £50 or more on PDF's. Remember that means you'll be just paying £30 for £50 worth of PDF's."

Even though the amounts shown in the email are in Pounds, I am in the US and when converting their webstore to show prices in Dollars, the listed discounts worked fine, though to get the 40% from PDFME, you need to put in the Dollar equivalent, or about $60, to get that sweet 40% off.

I think it may be time for me to finally pick up some of their books in PDF. :)