(monday) history in your game 08-11-2003


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(monday) history in your game

i am going to try and focus future history threads more. hitting one subject pretty well each week. i hope this makes them easier to use :)

life in ancient india- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/life.html

india history link page- http://www.kamat.com/index.htm

south asian armors- http://users.wpi.edu/~jforgeng/SouthAsiaIQP/Armors.htm

hindu festivals- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/festivals1.html

symbols and symbolism- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/omkar.html

medieval india and feudalism- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/landfeudal.html

shipbuilding and navigation(text in yellow, oyu have to highlight it to read it)- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/india_contribution/ship.html

indian folktales- http://folkloreandmyth.netfirms.com/india.html

great women warriors of india- http://www.geocities.com/dakshina_kan_pa/art31/women1.htm

great women leaders of india- http://www.geocities.com/dakshina_kan_pa/art31/women3.htm

1300 years of indian kings- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/landrajnamavali.html

foriegn rule in india- http://www.hindubooks.org/sudheer_birodkar/hindu_history/landalienrule.html

indian names (a baby naming site)- http://www.babynamesindia.com/

hope this does you soem good. if you have a subject you would like to see covered in this haphazard fashion, let me know :)

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I'm trying to imagine a topic more worthy of archiving than these history links...


Hey! Can someone compile all the history in your game posts and put them in the archive section?


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