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Can we switch out the link at the top for the WotC index to the new thread I started? I'm no longer updating the old one, and the new one also has the CR listing.

Dog Moon

I don't know how often you update this, prolly not too often, but you might want to recheck the links.

The All Different Types of Gnomes goes to Tindalorian (enhanced caterwaul)

The All Different Types of Halflings goes to Need a hand with some reviews

Those are the two I encountered. I only looked at about half a dozen of these, so I can't tell you any other links which don't work.

Btw, I really appreciate this list. I just wanted to say that. I've found it quite useful for the occasional thing I need to look at.


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Hi Shade,

A few suggested edits for this thread:

This probably shouldn't have "&page2" tagged on.

Paize (Pathfinder and Gamemastery) Monster Index
"Paize" -> "Paizo"

This seems to be a dead link, and unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of the original post in this thread :(.

Edit: The correct URL seems to be

Please could this be updated to point to

Alzrius' List of d20/OGL Monster Books:
This link goes to a completely different thread.

Also, there are blank lines under the IMAGINE, Paizo and Dragons index headings that can probably be deleted, although that's a really minor quibble.


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Thanks. I made all the suggested corrections, and added your All the different Types of Plants thread.

I'm not sure what is causing the extra space on some of the links.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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This is out of date. Here is the latest thread:
Complete D&D Monster Index (June 2008)

Actually, I wonder if it would be helpful if Echohawk could be given some sort of fixed location for his latest index to go. That way links like this wouldn't go out of date.

If that isn't possible, then I wonder if one "Latest version of Echohawk's D&D Monster Index" thread could be made. Comments about the changes to the index could continue to be added to the end of the thread, but if Echohawk also edited the first post, when he released a new version of the index, people could bookmark that one thread and check back on it. (@ Echohawk: I guess you would have to make the thread yourself if you don't have moderator powers.)


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Already taken care of; the link I included in the June release ( will remain the same for all future releases. That's my physical server, so I'm confident it won't change again ;). I suggest updating the link in this index to point there.