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Big Mac

Here is an attempt to compile links to all the various monster indices we have posted, as well as some external monster indices. Perhaps this could replace some of the stickies at the top of the forum? If I'm missing any, let me know and I'll edit this post.

Echohawk has just made this thread that you don't list here yet:
Pocket reference: Creatures from the Spelljammer setting

Monsters By Source:


Pocket Reference: Creatures from the Al-Qadim Setting

Pocket Reference: Creatures from the Horde Setting

Pocket Reference: Creatures from the Maztica Setting

Pocket Reference: Oozes

I would suggest putting it between Pocket Reference: Creatures from the Maztica Setting and Pocket Reference: Oozes

You might also want to add in Pocket reference: Creatures from IMAGINE Magazine after the campaign settings and before the monster types.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Already taken care of; the link I included in the June release ( will remain the same for all future releases. That's my physical server, so I'm confident it won't change again ;). I suggest updating the link in this index to point there.
Okay, I lied; that link is no longer correct :erm:.

I've created an intro web page for my monster index here, which should now be its permanent home. Shade, would you mind updating the link in the index to point to this page, rather than the "" file?


How inconvenient
Hello there,

Am I correct in assuming that there is no list containing 'all-WD-monsters-in-one-go' in this thread - or accessible via it? If not, can anyone tell me where it is?


How inconvenient
Aaah, yes. Thanks. Bit of a forum virgin, me. I was thinking... never mind what I was thinking. Have to find out all about posting things in the right thread and sticky things.

And now to find out how to create an autograph.

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