D&D 5E Monstrous Menagerie: Ogres Three

Today EN5ider features a trio of giants—surprise your players with an ogre that's dreamy, frozen, or sure to inspire some laughter!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 461. Monstrous Menagerie: Ogres Three. If there's one thing we can always use more of it's ogres! This entry in the Monstrous Menagerie series features three such ugly giants: the CR 11 dream ogre, CR 12 ice ogre, and CR 13 laughing ogre. Whether the party is due for a nightmare of a fight, need to be chilled out with a frosty battle, or are just in need of a good time these monsters will deliver. Dubiously designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Hannah Seakins.
  • 460. Intriguing Organization: Unpinned Scales. The Unpinned Scales are an urban thieves’ guild with a mission: to improve the lot of the downtrodden through crime. This makes them both popular with the population in general and extremely unpopular with the wealthy merchants and nobility who are on the receiving end of their heists. But the Unpinned scales have a dark secret too for they are an infernal front, and their fiendish leadership uses the organization to maintain the status quo while recruiting dangerous agents from the local underworld. Deviously designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Julio Rocha.
  • 459. Adventure: Revenge of the Green Dragon. As a youngling the green dragon Aghrun was tormented by a group of adventurers, only barely able to escape with her life—now in adulthood, her wounds have healed but her pride has not. It is not all humanoids who bear the burden of her vengeance however, and she seeks only to torment the cruel breed of cowards who call themselves adventurers. To that end she's created a maze in her home in the overgrown Fernholm Forest, stocking it with all kinds of traps and tricks, and kobolds loyal to her wander about Elissar spreading rumors of great treasure awaiting in Fernholm. Unable to resist the lure of gold, adventurers are coming from all over and dying to Aghrun's delight. Can the party be victorious over both the dragon's traps and the others who seek gold and glory? This complete adventure can be run for both a party of 4–6 PCs of 16th level or competing parties of 12th level! Delightfully designed by Sarah Breyfogle, illustrated by Ellis Goodson, and featuring cartography by Meshon Cantrill and Russ Morrisey.
  • 458. Dangerous Scenarios: Bite and Seek. It's not atypical for vampires to play with their food and this wicked encounter fully embraces that lethal situation! A pack of children turned vampire spawn descend on the adventurers amidst a forested glade. Spots of sunlight can give the party an edge but it's not a simple battle, their foes delighting in the thrill of the fight and eager to take a few pounds of flesh along the way. Deliciously designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 457. Archetypes: Weird Warlocks. Sometimes after making a deal with the devil, a powerful fey, an entity from the great beyond, or whatever terrible thing has offered a sliver of its essence in exchange for a mortal soul, a warlock realizes what a terrible mistake they've made. That doesn't need to be their last terrible mistake though! There are two ways to get out of this peculiar arcane predicament—the Laughing Death patron and the Pactbreaker archetype—and though one involves a good bit of laughter neither is to be taken lightly. Dementedly designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Phil Stone.
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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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