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Monte Cook Games Announced Numenera 2: Discovery & Destiny!

Monte Cook Games has just announced - live at Gen Con in their first panel of the convention - it's latest Kickstarter, set to launch next month. And it's a big one - Numenera 2, consisting of two core books called Discovery (which revises player character options) and Destiny (which has systems for base building). It will be fully back-compatible with the original (2013) Numenera. More info as I hear it!


Photo courtesy Jon Smejkal

Facts coming through on social media:

  • "Numenera 2 is meant to replace the existing Core Book, but not the whole Numenera line. Feels like Numenera 1.5, but the Destiny book is new" - TPT's Shane on Twitter.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Von Ether

I believe so as well, but I am more familiar with the milestone system in Fate.

Ugh! You quoted me! ;) You're just like a PC in front of a red button. This humor was brought to you by Dad Jokes. "Just when you thought you hadn't groaned or eyerolled enough in one day, we have have one more!"

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First Post
MCG has been basically just money-grabbers for the past few years - rehashing content and charging too much for their product. Coming our with a second version of Numenera already is just more of the same.
That's my impression, as well.
I'm not one of his fans, I guess ;-)

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