D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

This is one of MCG's luxury products - at nearly 700 pages depicting a massive, detailed fantasy city, we're looking at $150 for the book, or $40 for the PDF, either for D&D 5E or Cypher System.


"Monte Cook’s legendary campaign setting, Ptolus, is being updated for both Fifth Edition and the Cypher System.

At 672 beautiful pages, Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire isn’t just huge. Top-notch art and abundant cartography grace virtually every page. Innovative features make the premium-quality book uniquely easy to navigate and use. Physical and digital extras include handouts, player maps, and posters, totaling hundreds of pages. Nearly 1,000 pages in all!

And that’s not all: Most backer levels include a massive library of every single existing Ptolus product. Get the original version of Ptolus plus 26 additional PDF titles—2100 pages of content worth over $250—so you can explore the city and plan for your adventures right away."

You can also download a free 32-page introductory Player's Guide.
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It seems to be buzzing along fairly well. Between the time I jumped over there from seeing this notification, reviewing the first few backer levels (and recording my pledge), the number had jumped by a bunch of backers and had tipped well over the funded mark.

We're so thrilled! Thanks to all for the excitement and the signal boost. Everyone on the team loves this setting and product, and so much of its design informed our later works at MCG.

We feel extremely lucky to be able to return to it, update it, and make it available to more folks!

We're very curious to see what kinds of stretch goals folks are interested in, and what we might be able to do.

Thank you all!


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I own the first version (in PDF, alas), and really want to know what is different in this version....because I don't really want to pay for 90% the same stuff twice.


I own the first version (in PDF, alas), and really want to know what is different in this version....because I don't really want to pay for 90% the same stuff twice.

(Hi, I'm a designer at MCG, and a player in the original Ptolus campaign, and I'll be one of the people doing the conversion from 3e to 5e and Cypher System.)

The main differences out of the gate:
• Conversion from 3e to 5e, which is no small feat. Many things have changed in the game system since 2006, so there's a lot of stuff that needs to be adapted or recreated to suit the setting and system.
• Conversion from 3e to Cypher System, which likewise is no small feat. There are entire concepts from 3e that don't exist in CS (paladins, prestige classes) and a lot of classic monsters that are used in Ptolus but don't have official CS stats (manticores, wyverns, etc.)

So if you plan on using Ptolus for 5e or CS and you're not some Reed Richards kind of genius who can convert between these game systems on the fly (which I admitted can't do), you'll want us to do the legwork for you.

That's the no-stretch-goals-unlocked version of the book. On deck for the first stretch goal is 8 pages of new art. We don't announce our other stretch goals in advance, so I can't say what other improvements, upgrades, and additional things we'll unlock during the campaign.

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