Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

This is one of MCG's luxury products - at nearly 700 pages depicting a massive, detailed fantasy city, we're looking at $150 for the book, or $40 for the PDF, either for D&D 5E or Cypher System.


"Monte Cook’s legendary campaign setting, Ptolus, is being updated for both Fifth Edition and the Cypher System.

At 672 beautiful pages, Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire isn’t just huge. Top-notch art and abundant cartography grace virtually every page. Innovative features make the premium-quality book uniquely easy to navigate and use. Physical and digital extras include handouts, player maps, and posters, totaling hundreds of pages. Nearly 1,000 pages in all!

And that’s not all: Most backer levels include a massive library of every single existing Ptolus product. Get the original version of Ptolus plus 26 additional PDF titles—2100 pages of content worth over $250—so you can explore the city and plan for your adventures right away."

You can also download a free 32-page introductory Player's Guide.
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Russ Morrissey


For those looking for a physical copy of Ptolus for less than $150, I'm probably going to trade mine in at Noble Knight soon-ish and just using PDFs for the next year or so. I bet I'm not alone.

They're currently selling their copies for more than $200 a pop, but the Kickstarter will probably lead to a number of people putting their 3E editions on the market and upping supply while demand is simultaneously chipped away at by the 5E and Cypher versions coming.
I've been cutting back on Kickstarter and RPG materials in general, but I've long been interested in this book. For someone who has already sunk a lot of money into FGG's various Lost Lands materials, I'm not sure I have a need or use for another massive city setting. For fans of Ptolus, what do you think sets it apart? Even if I don't rune games in it, is it a fun read?
You could run 5 or so campaigns from 1st to 20 and not use the same material twice. Maybe more. It has so much room to run almost anything.

Yes. If nothing else it is a great read


We're in the last 2.5 hours of the Kickstarter campaign and we've unlocked some cool stuff (including a new adventure by Bruce Cordell and a new adventure by me). Definitely worth checking out, even if you just feel like backing for a dollar so you can decide later in BackerKit if you want it!


Hi guys, this is just to let you know that the Ptolus campaign is coming to an end and I encourage you to check it out with all the stretch goals. They are putting the 5e adventures in print and the book is going to be amazing on top of all the bonus stuff from 3e

We're going to deliver the 2100 pages of existing content within a few weeks--so if you're housebound and looking for a great read, it's a fantastic deal. That includes the original 3e version, so you can really explore the setting and start planning your campaign!
I own everything from the 3.5 release, including a pod of delvers guide that was released later on.

Take him up on the offer folks....worth it


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