Monte has left the building:How do you feel about the direction of the game?

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Don't you know that futile speculation is the second-most important thing about the internet??? ;)
I thought it was informal exchange for free of other people's IP...

Back on topic I don't know what to think, wait and see seems to be the most obvious one, just two more weeks till the playtest begins. Then we will have something concrete to base our speculations about.

It worries me a little that Monte is no longer on the team, but at least he was there during the most crucial moments, even if the game is less than 30% complete right now, 90% of an rpg is appendixes anyway, so his part is already done, the rest is up to how the playtest develops.


I didn't particularly enjoy his work or writing, so... better I suppose? Although things are so nebulous at the moment that to assign any strong feelings to this would be folly.


Getting lost in fantasy maps
I could barely discern a "direction" with 5e with what little there was shown, there has been even less revealed post-Monte. Essays and articles describing of intent and desires don't show me squat how the game works. I'll understand the direction of the game when I can sit at a table and play it, and not before. I was burned by "ze game is ze same" once before. People who could speak on the direction of the game with any authority are bound by NDA, right?

Seems any opinion on 5e with- vs. without Monte RIGHT NOW is simply a question on how much you let a celebrity factor in your judgements.

Eric Tolle

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Me too, though I confess I am a little concerned; When a design team leader leaves mid-project, it's not usually a good thing.

This isn't really mid project though, not with playtesting starting in two weeks. Really, the design phase should have been pretty much over at the point Monte left, and at this point it's going to be finding flaws and editing them out.

As someone who's been a contract employee myself, I can see this point in a project being he perfect time to leave. The major brain work is done, and at this point it's tedious rewriting.


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I'll defer to your experience with contract work as I have none. I see your point though from everything I have read & heard, the game is still in a bit of a rough state... how rough remains to be seen; That's expected at this stage of the game. The timing of the departure seemed odd. Have they even replaced Monte yet? That would probably be a good idea unless, as you say, the "heavy lifting" is already done. Guess we'll find out in 2 weeks.

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I liked a lot of things in 3e and Arcana Evolved, whereas I liked nothing about the direction taken with 4e, so I'd say my interest in 5e is not very high. That said, I think Pathfinder is a huge pile of splatbooky rubbish (as do those I game with), so there's definitely an opportunity for the open playtest to impress me.

But Monte leaving is definitely something that should send up a red flag, even if you don't like his work. When your lead designer quits at this stage of development (in any sort of project, in any business), that is (usually) a huge, huge sign of deep, systemic problems in your work group.

Glade Riven

I think Monte is a good designer who doesn't like to repeat what he's done in the past - but I don't see him as some unfallible deity of game design. Some people have a tendency to over-rate him.

Quite honestly, I find it a bit sad that people want to invent drama between Monte and the rest of the 5e design team, despite Monte stating 1. he didn't want any drama over it and B. he has no issues with 5e's design team. Ignoring the former is to ignore the wishes of a man that is well respected in the industry, and ignoring the latter means you're calling Monte a liar. I find it disengeious to call Monte a liar. Quite frankly, it's not our business to know the exact reasons why he left, but I wouldn't be surprised if he announces some new project sometime over the next year.


I think Monte is the best or at minimum one of the best game designers on the planet. So his loss is bound to be felt.

My pre-game optimism plummeted when he left. I will admit that I don't want an upgraded 4e. I want an upgraded 3e. I do though want a significant upgrade.

Still. At the end of the day, I will judge the game based upon the game when it is finished. I'm just saying if I was forced to give up my current game to play 5e sight unseen for one year I probably wouldn't risk it. I would have with Monte.

By the way, Monte announced on a podcast that he is currently working on an rpg. It is not a direct competitor of D&D but it did sound interesting. I think Monte and me differ on our tastes in fluff. But thats not a biggie.

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