Moon Knight - SPOILERS


If Ammit does have foresight instead of predestination, we don't have a conflict....if foresight can be wrong.

Really good episode, I too was delightedly surprised that Ammit was exactly as she seemed, no plot twist, no hidden scheme. Just straight up "this is what I believe, and this is what I'm going to do". I also really liked Harrow at the end, when she said he was imbalanced, he just straight up said "alright I'm ready to die". He was a true believer, and as evil as you might think he was, he was no hypocrite.

Alright, Layla go beat up falcon and take his stuff, your my new favorite!
I am kind of thinking that Ammit sees the many different paths that can be chosen by a single person and kills that person- if they have a bad path- so that they can't choose the path. Hence, free will and foresight.

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