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Mortal Kombat


So what did people think of the movie? (obviously spoilers).

In terms of compared to the original movie, its definately better. While it has its cheese ball moments its definately more polished and professional than the last one. That said, movies about comic books and video games has a come a long way since the original, people have figured out how to actually make these movies interesting. So on that scale....its alright, nothing special.

My big points:
  • I did love the fight where Lui Kang kept sweeping Kano, that was hilarious and actually worked in plot.
  • The beginning was the best part. The movie is at its best when its focusing on Scorpion vs Sub Zero. That feels like the heart of the show, and I wish they had spent more time on that, but it got some decent screen time. I at least appreciated some actual character moments in this movie, not everyone was cardboard cutouts (though there were a few).
  • The plot of course is paper thin. Lui Kang was "supposed" to gather the fighters, which he doesn't do for some unexplained reason. So the fighters show up with only a month before the Tournament, and are expected to figure out their powers and go against people who had trained their whole lives. Um....sure. And of course, they do figure out their powers. Sonya, doing it in the space of a conversation it would seem. Rayden can also apparently just send fighters to other fighters, but decides to do it 1 on 1 because....I mean we have to have the 1 on 1 fights right? Jax literally got magic cyborg arms at a ruined temple in the middle of nowhere...somehow. None of it makes sense, the plot is there just enough to get us to the fights.
  • The actual title should be Mortal PreKombat, as technically all the fighting happens before the tournament. But then at the end its like....um is there going to be a tournament? Its not really explained well.
  • The fights are "okay". Some of the big movies and fatalities are actually well done (Kano shoving the dagger in Reptile's heart, and then pushing it through to grab the heart out was awesome). Other moves I literally waited for the actors to wink at the camera.
  • Lui Kang's actor was hilarious, he was so "earnest" in this cornball of a movie.
  • No soundtrack could compete with the original, that was the one legitimately good thing to come out of that movie.

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I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the joke about 'it's misspelled' - caught me offguard. I definitely agree that focusing on Scorpion and Subzero was a good idea, and it worked better when it was about that.

wicked cool

Just watched it

This was brutal

Without spoiling-I enjoyed the beginning 10 minutes or so

I’m a casual mortal combat fan so maybe it was cool to see some of this but

acting- this was power ranger bad
Combat-98% bad. Much better fighting in movies like the raid or falcon/winter soldier
Special effects-mixed bag. At time reminded me of the original X-men movie but other times was very video game trailer quality
Dialogue-I wish they had explained the motivation for the main bad guy. the rest is so cheesy I was waiting for the cast of transformers or gi joe to show up or Stallone from cobra movie (which would have been an improvement )

now I will also admit I’m not the target audience for this but I put this in the category of the recent terminator movie, last predator movie, ghostbuster movie etc

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