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Dude. I could totally get behind some dungeon/general interior decor minis. Putting crates and barrels in an interior space I don't know what to do with gets old. :p Especially because my players will ALWAYS ask what is in those things... and I want to be like, "Nothing... but you do find a label slapped onto the barrel with the words 'Homefill' on it."
Pathfinder has some "dungeon dressing" minis in recent sets. There are also things you can find in doll house furniture (beds, tables, shelves, etc...) If you Google Dungeon Furniture … you get BDSM websites. However, there are some old sets of dungeon dressing that you can occasionally find out there on the cheap with things like fountains, chests, pillars, etc... (Mage Knight Dungeon Accessories, for example). I never want to spend much on dungeon dressing, but I've accumulated about 100 pieces and that seems like it is enough for most purposes.
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Otherworld Miniatures are a bit pricey, but many of their sculpts are based off of the 1st edition Monster Manual, and I seem to recall they even had an Aspis model.

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