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There were major delay in draft and setting boxes causing artificial product scarcity that has kept prices higher then one would expect for a set that is largely concidered on the weak side.
Like I said, in my country, nothing beats the official distribution prices. For example, this gift bundle. Ebay price (including shipping) $70+ and it is a gamble, it might get lost in transit. Amazon international $68.33. Amazon local, not listed. ML $65. FLGS (In wizards network) $47 ($40 in preorder) Once the supply in the LGS dies, the prices on all other channels will bump up (the one for Eldraine is about $100 on a good day) or the product will disappear completely from the platform.

And it is the same with booster boxes. I got both boxes for $240 locally. From Amazon international, they cost $270, local Amazon $268, ML $290! Once the official supply dries off, these prices will only go up (A zendikar set box is already $150 by itself, some third party sellers on local Amazon are already selling a Kaldheim draft box at $250). And if prices drop enough these products will just banish from the marketplaces.

So far, on Arena I have all of the Commons, over 300 of the Uncommons, half the Rares and maybe a third of the Mythics. Haven't opened any packs yet, only have 83 built up.

On Arena I have at least one of every mythic (29 in total) and I'm missing 12 rares, 4 uncommons and 7 commons. But I'm doing my best to save for drafts so I can have a complete collection by the end

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