D&D 5E MtG D&D Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur's Gate Announce!

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Just to give a bit of an idea about what you can expect via the original Commander Legends.

You totally called this last week, too, though this is faster than I think you were speculating.


Here's a link with some more details.

What Happened in Magic Showcase 2021?

"The debut of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms brought a mix of Magic and D&D to life in amazing ways—with many more stories and characters from the Forgotten Realms to share. Focusing on the city of Baldur's Gate and building on the Commander-first gameplay of 2019's Commander Legends, our return to Commander Draft with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate brings in iconic characters, new mechanics, more flavorful spells from D&D, plus Commander Legends-style foil-etched legendary creatures—all packed into an even greater social experience.

Be ready when the battle begins in the second quarter of 2022."

Note the Nautiliod in the art floating above Baldur's Gate. That basically confirms a Nautiliod vechile card.

I'm betting we see some characters from BG3, Shadowheart, Gale, etc..., this set will likely have a solid tie into BG3, but that doesn't mean only stuff from BG will be in it. Prediction, Gith creature type.

Plus hopefully some more classic characters like Dragonbait and Elminster, maybe Mystra too.

I also suspect we will see the Dead Three in the set.

For none basic lands I suspect there will be Ward Lands, a set of Land each based on one if the Districts/Wards of Baldur's Gate. I think they will be two colours like Guildgate, but it will depend on if your Commander is in play as to if they come onto the Battlefield tapped or not. Plus maybe they will have ward 1 or some minor effect.

Northern Phoenix

God cards for the various Forgotten Realms gods commonly found on the Sword Coast would be great additions, slightly in the style of the Theros god cards, i imagine. (FR Gods are usually more similar to those than, say, Kaldheim Gods).

God cards for the various Forgotten Realms gods commonly found on the Sword Coast would be great additions, slirghtly in the style of the Theros god cards, i imagine. (FR Gods are usually more similar to those than, say, Kaldheim Gods).

Depends on the Pantheon, Mulhorandi Pantheon Kaldheim Gods sort of, Elven Pantheon more Theros like, Faerun a Pantheon a mix of the two, etc...

Then there is the Zakharan Pantheon which is absolutely like nothing in MtG at all, not even Therosan Gods, but you'd never see a Zakharan God on a card anyways, I don't think they physically manifest.

A huge chunk of the original Commander Legends product was reprints with only 165 out of 362 cards being new, I don't think there will be that many reprints this time and it could have alot more new Legendary Creatures then CLs did, it can only take Legendary Creatures from AFR.

The set could be smaller, but with more new cards.

Plus like last year they didn't announce which sets would get Commander Decks during this event (except the Warhammer Decks and the LotR Commander Decks for Summer 2023), so CL: BfBG could get anywhere from 2-5 Commander Precons to go with it.

I lean towards it being like this 2 Commander Decks each for Dominaria United & Brothers War, 2 for Kamigawa, 4 for Warhammer, 5 New Capenna based on the 5 3 Colour Crime Families (Spring sets seem to get the 5 precons, Ikoria in 2020 and Strixhaven in 2021), and 2 for CL: BfBG, just like the last CL. I could be wrong and CL: BfBG could get the Commander 2022 5 Precons Decks, but I doubt it.

I'm trying to think of who would be the Prismatic Piper substitute for CL: BfBG? Prismatic Piper is vital to the original CL, he had a special rarity, replaced a Common card in 1 in 6 draft packs and like basic lands you don't have to draft him to put him in your deck. He had Partner and choose a colour and basically his job was to smooth out problems if you'd draft an acceptable Commander somehow or you wanted to make sure you had at least one Commander with the right colour.

So who fills this role in a D&D set? somekind of shape-shifter most likely, probably a new character.

From Mark Rosewater's blog "Commander Legends Baldur's Gate is mashing together two recent set ideas I loved, CMR and AFR so I'm incredibly excited about it, but both of those came out in the last 12 months so how are we getting this product so soon?

Two answers:

1) Supplemental sets have a little less lead time.

2) We had faith in both of the products succeeding."

Also he said Elminster is a maybe.
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Northern Phoenix

I mean, who else is gonna save Baldur's Gate? In before the Bhaalspawn, Minsc/Boo, a randomly wandering Drizzt, the three PCs from Dark Alliance 1 and the PCs from Dark Alliance 2, and the Protagonist from Baldur's Gate III

Unlike Elminster, the Realms most popular character and frequent frustrater of forum posters, Drizzt Do'Urden, unsurprisingly got a card (with variants!) in the very first Forgotten Realms Magic set. ;) Oh, and so did Minsc/Boo.

For real though, i hope to see Horny Gandalf make an appearance in this next one!

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