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Multiclass feat question


No, but i will give it a thought.

I assumed that as my higher class in 3.x was fighter i should try to do him as a fighter...

Giving a though I dont think he can be a cleric as I will have to take several feats to get plate and heavy shield (4 feats in total)...as he was the typical dwarf tank with dwarven plate and heavy shield and another one to pick battleaxe proficiency.

Here's the scenario: you have 4 encounter powers and one of them is coming from your Paragon Path. So basically you're getting 3 Encounter Powers from your class. Taking an Encounter Power Swap Feat (you can't take it multiple times but you can retrain to change it and take a higher level power) gives you 2 Encounter Powers from your base class and 1 Encounter Power from your other class.

You can take the Multiclass Paragon Path to give you an extra, lower-level Encounter Power from your second class if you really wanted another "healing" power.

Otherwise, I think it's best to be a Cleric who multiclassed into Fighter (2 Cleric Encounter Powers and 1 Fighter Encounter Power). If your argument is saying that you'll be spending 4 feats anyway on armor and shield proficiencies, you'll probably be spending some of those feats anyway to get Powr Swap Feats assuming you could get the same feat multiple times (which you can't).

Lastly, an ignored Epic Destiny is the Eternal Seeker. It lets you get Encounter and Daily Powers from other classes. It's not the most "optimized" Epic Destiny but it's the ideal path for multiclassers.

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First Post
Simple question...

I know that you can only take one multiclass feat, PHB states clearly that you can only dabble in one class, but I would like to know if you can take several times power-swap feats to get more encounter, utility or daily powers form your "second" class.

No, you cannot. Page 192, first indented paragraph: "Generally, you can't take the same feat more than once...A few feats, however, specify that you can take the same feat multiple times."


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