Mutants & Mastermind Presents – “Astonishing Tales of Centropolis”

The Paladin moves deeper into the disaster area, healing and freeing multiple people as he goes. He can hear the mutter of some of those he had help saying "Have the heroes returned?" and "Who is that? He's a miracle"

So intent on what he is doing the young hero does not notice it until he breaks into a large open area. Looking up a bit in surprise he can see that the open stalls and stands that once stood here had all been knocked over by the explosion along with a few cars and large trucks.

He then hear a howl of pure rage followed by a manic laugh and someone shouts "ME HURT!! NOW ME GIVE HURT TO YOU!!!" These sounds came from behind a mound of rubble...

"I don't want to hurt you, I'll help you if I can," he called out as he started to move around the mound.

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First Post
Turning over the young girl to the emergency personal, the first one seems a bit afraid of the Shadow but still mutters "Thanks..." then louder he says "We need to get more people out here or we need the debris and congestion moved so we can get in there... can you help?"

Heading back into the disaster area the Shadow hear someone roar in rage and yell "ME HURT!! NOW ME GIVE HURT TO YOU!!!"

Kitsune is helping an older man with two broken legs get into a more comfortable position. The man staring into the sky continues to talk to her "image", saying "You know I think there a base on the moon. A moon base, HA! Did you know that? Its pretty big... I wonder if is our's or the Russians? Its mostly underground and pretty well concealed. Maybe its a secret moon base? Hehehe"

It is then that Kitsune hears someone roar in anger and she hears a loud voice shout "ME HURT!! NOW ME GIVE HURT TO YOU!!!"

Galatea leaps up and catches the flying truck just before it would have crashed into the trapped family. She can hear them all screaming and crying and finally the female driver gets part of her window down and she says the marbled heroes "Please, we are trapped we can't get out of the car!!!"

Just then Galatea hears a wild roar of pure rage. Glancing over she see the street leads into a wide open area where a number of open stands and public stalls once stood, now all knocked over from the explosion. Standing in the middle of the debris are three figures. One a giant of a brownish skinned man who appears to to have six thick tentacles instead of arms. One is tentacle grabbing a man and shaking him. The man is shouting "ME HURT!! NOW ME GIVE HURT TO YOU!!!" Standing next to this man is a woman with wild hair and covered with brownish stripped fur. She is laughing manically as the man struggling in the tentacle grip. A third figure is slowly rising into the air. As she does so metal from cars and nearby stalls is ripping to pieces and flying up to attach themselves around her body creating something like an armor shell around her body...

The Paladin moves towards the rubble pile and shouts out and then notices the metal clad human female rising up over the pile. She looks down at the extra-dimensional warrior with a mad smile on her face. A stop sign suddenly flies through the air and into her grip. The metal end distorts into a sharpened spike at the end as she looks at Paladin "Ah but I wish to cause you pain and hurt. Do you mind little man? Can I bring you pain?"



First Post
Oh jeez. Multitasking!

The illusion by the man said, "Secret moon base, right! Let's put a pin in that, okay? Bee arr bee." And vanished.

The real Kitsune said, "Okay buddy you're going to want to sit tight, don't put weight on those legs and the ambulances are coming this way. Sounds like I'm needed elsewhere right now!"

She backed away and seemed to dissolve into a smear of light that quickly vanished as she resumed her invisibility.

Yeah, going to check out a guy screaming about causing pain sounded like a great time to not be visible. But she wasn't going to NOT check it out! It seemed to her that the guy who was tripping out was maybe new to his powers of super vision? So maybe there were MORE?

She leapt through the air, her body carried aloft by that electromagnetic pressure she could create. She couldn't quite fly around, but she could jump quite a ways, and move a lot faster! It was great fun, even if it made pretending to be normal that much harder sometimes.

There was always that gnawing knowledge she could do it better if she didn't have to keep the secret.

But that was neither here nor there, as she skidded around a corner and came into view of the strange individuals ahead of her.

The source of the shouting no doubt.

A quick exercise of will created another hologram, another fake Kitsune, and had it leap off the building roof and fall gracefully, harmlessly, to the ground near the four figures standing off.

HoloKitsune assumed a heroic pose, with her fists on her hips and her tails lashing wildly around behind her.

"I think there's been enough pain here for one day!" said the double. "Why don't you guys just calm down a bit?" It produced a steaming ceramic cup from behind its back and held it out. "Maybe a nice chamomile tea?"

The real Kitsune, invisible back by the building, snickered to herself. Being a hero was pretty awesome.

"As I said, I will help you if I can," he replied, and smashed a piece of rubble into the ground with his hammer, releasing another healing burst.

[sblock="Roll"]Healing Smite: 25 - 4 conditions/levels of injury removed, all in burst stabilized[/sblock]


First Post
HoloKitsune looked at the Paladin and tilted her fox-masked head.

"Hey, Captain Hammer, what's with the hammer anyway? Viking thunder god much?"

She really wanted to call him a 'thor loser,' but you had to pace yourself. You couldn't bust it all out at once like that.
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(OCC: I'm on the other side of the rubble pile from him. "Lady Magneto" here flew above it to address me. She's the only one I can see, unless you're off to the side...)

Charwoman Gene

Galatea stride her marble form closer to the car and says, "Hold on, I'm gonna get you out. You gotta run once you are free.".

She grabs an edge of the door and pries it open, allowing the family to escape, then runs towards Tentacle Boy.


The Shadow

Main Town/The Yellow Rose Farmer’s Market
Monday, April 11, 2016/10:50 AM

"We need to get more people out here or we need the debris and congestion moved so we can get in there. Can you help?" the medic asked Shadow.

Behind the shadows hiding his face, Caleb frowned, turning to survey the chaos. “I’ll see what I can do,” he told the medics. He wasn’t sure how he could move the cars, and he didn’t have any help he could call.


“That doesn’t sound good,” Shadow growled. He looked to the medics. “Do your best,” he said. “The area is open enough you could probably get the medical choppers in.”

With that, Shadow ran back toward the disaster site. The first thing he saw was some woman clad in metal...armor? She was holding a stop sign, and Caleb noticed the end was wickedly pointed. She seemed to be flying. Was she the cause of this?

Caleb crouched low, moving to try and get closer unseen, staying to the obscuring dust


Hero Points: 2



First Post
The real Kitsune, hiding by a street corner that leads into the large open square sees the strange floating woman look over at her illusion and she says "Oh another one... can I hurt her also". She then giggles a bit like a mischievous girl might and the stop-sigh she is holding crumples again to form a spear point at each end. The sigh then separates into two spears, one in each hand...

When the Paladin strikes the ground the floating lady shudders a bit and glares down at him "Just what do you think you are doing? HELPING?!! Who asked for your help? Huh? WHO!"

Meanwhile Galatea easily rips the door off the car and bends the metal frame a bit so that the trapped family can escape.

The Shadow shadow-steps forward into an open area where many small business stalls and stands had been knocked over. The floating lady glances over at the shadow where he is hiding with a look of confusion on her face. Suddenly a fur-clad lady with a huge bundle of hair and sharpened teeth and fangs leaps up to the top of the debris pile and also looks to the Shadow was hiding. She starts sniffing the air like an animal might and her slightly glowing green eyes narrow with suspicion. She growls "Hey stupid, quick playing with your food. It looks like some... 'heroes'... have decided to show up..."

GM: So at present, no one is attacking but no one is really surprised either. The Paladin and Kitsune's illusion are about 30 feet from the floating woman and the furry lady. Kitsune herself is maybe 90 feet away. The tentacle man is out of line of sight about 30 more feet past the rubble pile. The Shadow is about a 60 feet away in some shadow but failed with his Stealth check against the pair. He can kind of also see the tentacle man shaking someone in one of his big tentacles, about 80 feet away. Galatea is 100 feet from the three of them.

Any hostile actions and everyone must make an Initiative Check. I am posting stats for the bad guys over in the Rogue's Gallery in just a second.

At the Pine Oak Technical University, Miranda Cortesi is just finishing her morning work out at the gym when a student runs in yelling about an explosion in MainTown. He turns on the news and there are some early reports and pictures of smoke rising from the somewhere downtown!

GM: Ariel can totally now start moving towards Centropolis or change into her new hero idententiy or whatever you wish to try... With a Flight Speed of 9, you cover 2 miles every 6 second round, so it will take you just over 3 rounds to reach anywhere in MainTown


First Post
Miranda had figured out a few months ago that mid-mornings were the best time for her to get her workouts in- that was when it was least crowded (between the really hard-core athletes early in the morning and the larger, more casual lunchtime crowd). All the better for her, really, since she didn't exactly want people to see some of the things she could do. It meant taking some early morning classes- but since she didn't sleep much and didn't party as much as some of the people in her dorm, it was worth it.

She had just finished her post-workout shower and was on her way out of the lobby when another student frantically rushed in. In the space of a few seconds a crowd was already starting to coalesce around the big-screen TV, which someone had switched to the local news station. The shot was chaotic as heck, which was to be expected, but Miranda thought she recognized the Farmer's Market area. Hadn't Tiffany been headed own there this morning? Miranda thought she remembered a posting on the bulletin board... That's right- she was going; Miranda had ordered a bag of peaches.

She slipped slowly to the back of the room, one eye still on the TV, and pulled out her phone. She stepped out into the hallway and dialed, but the call didn't go through. Moving down the hallway towards the fire stairs, she tried again- then once more as she started up the stairs towards the roof. Still nothing...

By the time she hit the second floor landing, Miranda was running, her sneakers pounding on the metal treads of the staircase. The door out onto the roof was supposed to be locked, but it rarely was- Miranda had used it before, just to sit out on the roof, watching the sky. Today it wouldn't have mattered if the door WAS locked- Miranda bulled through it at speed, reaching into her gym bag for the mask that she had bought a while back. The mask that she had only worn in front of a mirror...

Out on the roof, she turned slowly, looking out towards the city. There- she could see the faint trail of smoke rising, over where the Farmer's Market had been. She took one deep breath, and pulled on the mask- it felt weird... She pulled her sunglasses into place, and reached up to tear the braid out of her hair, shaking it out in one fierce motion. She dragged her hooded sweatshirt out of her gym bag, and as she pulled that on, she took another, deeper breath- this one slow and deliberate. The air around her began to shimmer as she focused- this part was always the hardest; trying to grab hold of the air itself was no simple task, but she HAD been practicing...

After a moment, she felt the air flowing over her skin, and she began to rise into the air. She dropped her gym bag on top of the stairwell shelter, where it would be out of easy sight, then kicked her legs up, and rolled over in the air. Normally she loved to take a little while to revel in the sheer joy of breaking free of gravity's pull- but today there was no time. In the space of seconds she was moving- and not long after that there was another loud booming echoing through the sky...

[sblock= OOC] That ought to account for a couple of rounds worth of action, so I'll wrap up my post- we'll see where things stand when she gets to the scene. [/sblock]

[sblock= Mechanics]
1. Dynamic array set with all point to flight, so Flight 9 and Strength 6; Force field is also active; 'Tactile TK toolkit' array not active yet.
2. Full moves at Flight 9 until on scene.
3. Perception and Initiative rolls when arriving- Perception 1d20+3= 11; Initiative 1d20+6= 25; rolls



The Shadow

Main Town/The Yellow Rose Farmer’s Market
Monday, April 11, 2016/10:55 AM

Caleb frowned as a cloud shifted, revealing his hiding place to the pair of super-powered women. He surveyed the scene and reached to his back, pulling out his staff. It extended out.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this, but it needs to stop,” the Shadow growled. And then he disappeared into the shadow, stepping closer to the tentacled man. He rushed out, swinging his staff at the tentacle holding the helpless man in an attempt to get the civilian free.



Hero Points: 2


First Post
"All right," the fake Kitsune said, tossing the cup of 'tea' over her shoulder (where it vanished without hitting the ground). "No tea. No repartee'. No fun. You guys kind of suck, you know?"

"Calming things down was ineffective...lets try escalating!"

She reached into a little utility-belt pouch and produced a comically oversized gun that looked like it should take four hands and a lot more strength than her arms could possibly possess to wield. She raised it and aimed it towards the hovering magnetic lady.

"Give it up, lady! You're outgunned!"

Init roll so I know how to post! [roll0]
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First Post
GM: Initiative Order
25 – Ariel (not there yet, but in flight)
24 – The Shadow
21 – Octoman
19 – Paladin, Kitsune and Death Magnet
15 – Feral

Charwoman Gene, go ahead an roll for Galatea so when she gets involved we know where she is in the order...

OOC for rolls, results below...

Ariel takes off from the roof the build and quickly breaks the sound barrier as a series of loud bombs rock the normally quiet neighborhood.

Appearing out of the darkness the Shadow strikes at one of Octoman's large tentacles but his staff is deflected off the "man's" rubbery hide! Octoman looks over at the shadows and says "HAA, little man I live to ES-CO-LATE!" and then one of his mighty tentacles slammed down onto the hero!!

Paladin races up the rubble pile to where he can almost reach Death Magnet and where Feral is now standing while Kitsune draws her 'strange' gun. Death Magnet rises another 20feet into the air (she is now 50 some feet off the ground and 40 feet over the rubble pile) and says "I think it's time that you all learn to fear the DEATH MAGNET"

Feral growls at the Paladin and looks like she is going to leap at him. Growling at Death Magnet she says "Playing with your food is bad for your digestion"

Galatea is able to fully rip the car apart and free the whole family. While they are bruised and battered, no one is seriously injured. She then hears another scream and the woman with tree like arms is standing up and yelling "What's HAPPENING TO ME!!!"

GM: Octoman made his Perception check so he had his full Parry Defense of 19 vs. Shadow's attack. He then successful hit the Shadow who now needs to make a Toughness Save vs. DC 23.

The Paladin and Kitsune are up to declare there actions, make their rolls, etc. I will let the heroes go before the villains even though you all tied on initiative. So if Paladin wants he can make a Melee attack vs. Death Magnet before she floats out of range (on her turn). She will make her attack roll and then it is Feral's turn


First Post
Kitsune's fake gun made a fake cycling up noise, and light particles swirled crazily around its aperture, before bursting into a very REAL beam of intense, coherent light that stabbed out at the 'Death Magnet' lady.

Because coming up with a name that stupid MUST be grounds for lethal force, right? Right?!

Controlling the beam remotely though was trickier than she expected it to be. The perspective was hard to work out! The beam streaked past the floating villain and carved a divot in the building behind her.

Photokinetic laser!
[roll0] to hit, multiattack, damage DC 23.
The beam has Indirect 4; it's originating from Fake Kitsune's location, directed at Death Magnet.

Paladin strikes at Death Magnet with his hammer, but misses and stumbles past her as she rises higher into the air

Hammer Smash: 8 (pretty sure I missed)
Healing Smite: 12 (1 condition removed - I think the guy Octoman's holding should be in range)
Toughness Save: 13 (Ouch!)
Initiative for next round: 19 (if needed)

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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