Mutterings in Darkness


The Faceless One

Anyone coming near this post hears faint, echoing voices. As you get closer, they get louder, until the words can just be made out when you are standing in front of it. Just as you get there, however, a sudden, bright flash of light is seen outside the Emporium, along with an equally sudden crack of sound... a thunderbolt strikes a small distance away.

The voices are murmering...

...And from the depths, a new evil rose. A resounding boom heralded it's arrival - a mere infant, lain bare 'gainst the rock face.

Thunder peeled through the sky, tearing it to pieces. The world was broken by a line of light, which struck and shattered a boulder. The sound was strange and horrific, as if the Gods themselves had imbued the bolt with unholy energy, such was it's force...

The words seem to be coming from the walls, and are a strange mix of sad, angry and resolute.

In the wake of the sound and the flash, a smoke rose. As it cleared, the ground could be clearly seen. A babe lay in the rubble.

The echoing, distant voice suddenly, dramatically, clear into one voice which is loud and dominating. Yet no one other than the person before the corkboard seems to hear it.

His skin was fair, though his eyes were black. This was the child of a Demon and a God.

Never before had such evil been beheld. Not one such as had been seen before, but an evil against which we never stood a chance. Never...

We fell into dissolution, we fell into despair. Our world crumbled...

From the depths, evil came. From the heavens, the child arrived, and from the depths of our souls... evil came. From the depths of our souls... from within, came our foe.

Words silken flowed from the child's lips, words we could not comprend, yet words that we love and obeyed, and with them... evil came.

The stealer of faith, the stealer of might. The thief of love, of all things light, we served him and he ruled supreme. We served him...

From the depths of our souls...

A terrible pain set about us, and an awful desire... that desire, it consumed us. We were driven to acts... inhumane... and I could only watch in agony, as, behind glass, my world was ripped apart by my own hands...

A terrible pain beset us... This was the child's doing.

We had no control... we didn't wish to do what we did.

I was the last to fall, I slew all others about me.

Time passed. Our empire crumbled. Our minions dwindled. The time for His Ascendence had not come. He said he would go to sleep, and cast his servants wide, to return to him when the time had come.

The time has come. We have found our destiny, a source of power beyond the Gods. With is, we can rule once more.
Our time has come.

Beware, this is our warning. You cannot resist us. We do our master's bidding, and he is immortal. With the grace of a Demon, he will one day walk amongst the Gods.

Join us, or fall.

We walk again.

The voice breaks up into the soft, background echoing multiple voices, which fade away, repeating these words endlessly.

...We walk again...

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Vash Taklore

*After reading this note goes pale. His right arm starts to shake before his left arm grabs at it, stopping the shivering feeling as he backs away from the note and sits down nearby.*

"He's back."

*begins breathing heavily*

"How can he be back?"

*Stands up slowly and grabs his gear before quickly heading back out into the crowd.*


Lord Tarran

Drahz, blue half dragon cleric of Bahamut, also sees the note. Having seen his friend Vash, and reading it, he strokes his horn, before yelling:


He too disappears into the crowd.

Epic Threats

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