D&D General My Favorite Edition of D&D is...

My favorite edition of D&D is...

  • ...the edition I was introduced to D&D with.

    Votes: 4 4.7%
  • ...the edition I played the longest/most of.

    Votes: 24 27.9%
  • ...both the one I was introduced to D&D with and played the longest/most of.

    Votes: 10 11.6%
  • ...neither the one I was introduced to D&D with nor the one I played the longest/most of.

    Votes: 48 55.8%

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Started with the Red Box

Played the most 3rd edition (was in college for a good chunk of that so had lots of free time).

Favorite is 5e.


A suffusion of yellow
Started with the Red Basic set, had a cruish on Aleena :)
Left 2e to play GURPS
returned because I liked d20
Pathfinder is my favourite edition :)
now prefer FAE
but 5e is growing on me, I just havent played enough


Good point, first-impression bias varies by topic and person but it's still common. I bet you could think of a handful of examples of other things that you still prefer from your childhood. (Maybe it doesn't apply to mustard for you, but it does for me.)

Y'know, I want to agree with you because it certainly sounds reasonable, but so far whenever I try and think of an example my first exposure to something has not been my favorite. Gone through in my mind things like Star Wars (movie, toys, books, etc.), Star Trek, D&D, several foods and the like, and so far whatever got me interested in it isn't my favorite.

I will say however, that in a lot of cases, my first impression encounter with something has had a large impact on sticking with it. Except Star Trek - my first encounter with that was the '78 motion picture...


Started on 1E and played it the longest. I've played every edition except OD&D (which I'd like to try as a one shot). I've found 5E to be the best edition by far, and I hope that it will be my longest edition :)

Seriously, why even bother with French's mustard, when pure vinegar is so much cheaper and tastes the same? Get yourself a real mustard. I love this one so much that I won't even bother trying other brands. "No thank you, Fancy Mustard salesman," I will say, "I already have sixteen bottles of Gulden's at home. Go find someone else to disappoint."

Guldens is awesome. I just ran out last week :mad:!! I'm still battling the internal struggle within whether or not this is essential because I have other people grocery shopping for me during this pandemic. As much as I love Guldens its got nothing on Webers Horseradish Mustard. Its extremely hard to find outside of Buffalo, NY and is made here, so I may be biased as everyone in the city grew up on it. Its definitely worth checking out.



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Just a poll inspired by a lot of answers I am seeing in other threads.

As usual, feel free to expound in the comments. Also note that in this case "edition" can also mean, clone or simulacrum or weird house ruled Frankenstein's edition.
I started playing D&D in 1994 or 95 with 2nd Edition AD&D. I played it until 3rd Edition came out, played it (and 3.5) until 4e came out, then took a break until 5e. I dove into 5e and I enjoy it very much.

But my favorite edition? Rules Cyclopedia Basic. It has a feel very similar to 5e - in fact, a whole host of 5e "innovations" can be found within it's pages - but it slid a much lighter and faster game.

My vote goes to RC D&D, all the way!


Favorite of current favorite.

I started 2e, played 3e the most, but

4e is my current favorite to DM
5e is my current favorite to play

But that cold eaily change as it used to be 3e then 4e. I like 5e my favorite currently but 6e could easily blow it away.

I'd have to go with option 2 and 1E; a lot of it is nostalgia, and I never played any editions after 2E, but I have a LOT of fond memories of those early days of D&D...


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The D&D that I was first introduced to was AD&D 1st Edition.
The D&D that I played the most was 3.5.

My favorite D&D is AD&D 2nd Edition Player's Option, (Though 3.PF with the right 3pp comes pretty close.) I like them for pretty much the same reasons, but the 3.PF family just does too many things the wrong way and takes too much work to fix. All the problems I have with AD&D, Player's Option gives me the tools to fix them.
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My favorite is the one I've played the longest. 1e.
I've been playing 1e since sometime in '83. So 37 years & counting.

I started with Basic during Christmas vacation 1980, adding the Expert set within the year.
We played B/X for about 2 years. During that 2nd year we started mixing in 1e.
Somewhere in '83 things pretty much faded into 1e (with the occasional BECMi bit incoreperated).

Granted, these days I don't get to play 1e often. And I've played plenty of 2e (largely '89-95), 3x ('06-2012 mostly), 4e ('08-'10, determined I really don't like this edition, so hard stop, never going to play it again. Hell it doesn't even make the list when I rank editions), PF1 & 2 (launch - present), and 5e (launch - present, often twice/week).
But whenever the opportunity presents? I return to 1e. And I run games, whatever their actual edition, from a 1e PoV/style. So yeah, I'm still playing 1e....

OD&D - this I've never played. I'm not opposed to trying a one-shot.


I don't have a favorite D&D game, I have my favorite campaign based upon who my players were. This has always been the case... I don't really care about the mechanics, I care about how cool and fun it was to play with certain players and how interesting and fun they made playing with them.

Now I do have opinions on which editions have better game mechanics than others, but that doesn't ipso facto make them my favorite games. I had a fantastic campaign run in 4E and several great campaigns using 5E. But I also had some in each I was less fond of. So I can't determine which edition of the two is I think more my favorite than the other.

Truth be told... every D&D edition results in the same thing-- eventually I just get tired of playing the mechanics of it. And usually by that point there is a new edition out that changes things up just enough to make playing the new edition a fresh experiience.


I'm actually a little surprised. I would have expected that people's favorite would be their first at a much higher rate, but I guess the total of "played longest" is a pretty close second to "neither".


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I'm actually a little surprised. I would have expected that people's favorite would be their first at a much higher rate, but I guess the total of "played longest" is a pretty close second to "neither".

Well. If you'd asked me fifteen years ago, when I still playing 3.5, I would have told you it was my favorite.

First Edition would have only been my favorite edition when it was the only edition I'd ever played-- even as much as Fifth Edition makes me genuinely angry, I think I'd still rather play it than either version of AD&D without Player's Option.

Started with 2e and also played some 1e back in the day. Liked them both a lot and would play a game using those rules, though I have to acknowledge their flaws.

Couldn't stand to play much of 3e (3.0 and 3.5) and gave up on 4e about a year and a half in.

5e got me back playing consistently, and it's probably what I've played the most, so that would be my favorite.

If "The only one I've actually played" is an option, I would pick that one.

I've only really played 5e. I would try the other ones, but there's other versions that are probably more developed versions of the D&D versions that they were ripping off based on. Like Pathfinder for 3.0, the entire OSR for 1e, etc.


I'm actually a little surprised. I would have expected that people's favorite would be their first at a much higher rate, but I guess the total of "played longest" is a pretty close second to "neither".
It could be that there are others like me... the first D&D I bought, read and dabbled in barely ever actually got played. I was in Elementary and Jr. High in the mid 80s and there was not enough of a cadre of players that made actually running and the playing the game possible.

I didn't get a real chance to play in continuous games until later in high school with 2E and by that point I had already moved through Red Box and AD&D.

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