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D&D 5E My Luchador "Mighty Mask" - Char Build assistance requested.


So I've had a fun concept for a new 6th level character. A masked wrestler know as "Mighty Mask".

The idea is simple, do lots of grapple and wrestling, and make it look good. This is what I have so far:

Race: Halfing (the idea of a small character that goes large is just too funny so even though its not optimal I want to go small, if there is a better small race let me know). I'm using the flex stat options instead of the standard race ones.
Class: Fighter 5 (Rune Knight) / Rogue
Background: Entertainer (Gladiator)
Skills: Acrobatics +5, Animal Handling +1*, Athletics +10^, Intimidation +7*, Perception +4, Performance +4, Thieves Tools +8, Smith Tools + 8
Guitar +4 (is there an actual instrument that is used for most Mexican wrestling? If so I'll switch this to that).
* - Advantage
^ - gets advantage and +2 with certain Rune Knight powers.

Fighting Style: Unarmed Combat
Runes: Frost/Fire
Feat: +2 str
Stats: 18/14/14/8/12/12

The basic idea, use the rune knight to "Move to Large Size" and then start wrestling everything in sight.

I'm taking the Frost Rune for the +2 to str checks, and then the fire rune to do some "flaming pile driver" type moves as well as give me advantage on intimidation (which he will be pretty solid at), and get expertise in my thieves tools and smith's tools. The idea for the thieves tools is he will open doors and locks flexing his muscles. If anyone is familiar with the Doom Patrol TV show, think of the character "Flex Mentalo"

He has medium armor that will just be the "mask" (it will have the same cost, weight, difficulty removing, stealth penalty, etc etc....just pure flavor.)

One thing I'll ask the DM is if he will let me use a kind of "brass knuckle" as a rapier esque reskin, so I can use my sneak attack once I've "pinned" my opponent.

I did consider tavern brawler, but rune knight is going to consume a lot of bonus actions so I thought the straight stat boost was more worth it at this point.

So most of this seems like general grapple optimizations I found online, but any other tips or tricks to consider for such a character?
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