D&D 5E Are vehicles and instruments considered "tools" for Rune Knight proficiency purposes?


From the Fire Rune:

This rune’s magic channels the masterful craftsmanship of great smiths. While wearing or carrying an object inscribed with this rune, your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses your proficiency with a tool.

Does this check work for Land Vehicles, Water Vehicles or instruments you are proficient in?

I am debating Hill Rune or Fire Rune at 7th level Rune Knight and getting expertise on vehicle checks (in addition to thieves tools checks) might swing it. The character is a grappler buid, she is currently a Rogue 1/Rune Knight 6/Knowledge Cleric 1. Normally Hill Rune would be the obvious call, but the character's bonus action is already cluttered as she has Unarmed Fighting Style and Tavern Brawler Feat (allowing a bonus action grapple after an unarmed strike), Giant's Might is a bonus action, and she also has once a day Hex and once a day misty step spell from the Fey Touched feat. Finally, at 11th level she is going to start taking Rogue levels again and get cunning action and steady aim cluttering her bonus action even more. Her Constitution is 16 and will stay 16, never going up (unless she finds magic).

The other two Runes she has are Cloud and Stone. She needs to keep Stone for the darkvision and both of these use a reaction which she has very few things competing for, so I am not sure I want to give one of them up. The advantage on Slight of Hand and Deception from Cloud have also been very important in play so far.
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I see land and water vehicles listed under the 'other tools' section in DDB. Thy are not artisan tools, gaming tools, or musical instrument tools, but part of other tools like a disguise kit, forgery kit, or thieves tools. Then looking in the mounts and vehicles section it does not say much except if you are proficient, you add your bonus to control vehicles in difficult circumstances.

Feels wrong, but I guess it does not affect much.

Skill checks for vehicles don't crop up very often, but I have has a situation where "what?! NO ONE knows how to row a boat!"

I did have a situation once where a PC was steering a dirigible airship through some mountains, and so asked for skill checks. But such things are highly situational, and so the bonus should be applied to as many things as possible.


I see land and water vehicles listed under the 'other tools' section in DDB.
'Other tools' are still tools. Musical instruments and vehicles come under the "Tools" heading in the PHB (page 154), although vehicles do also have their own section in the PHB. As I mentioned above, they are all also included in the expanded tool rules in Xanathar's.

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