My Six Favorite Pieces of the TTRPGs For Trans Rights In Texas Bundle


There’s a lot of darkness in the world today. Endlessly doomscrolling through social media can stomp down any desire to fight back or fix things. There are some bright lights, such as the current game bundle raising money to fight for trans rights in Texas.Three hundred creators have donated over five hundred games, playbooks, classes and more to split between proceeds between Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). Not only that, Hit Point Press and Solatian Games have offered more free games for anyone willing to show them a receipt of the donation. This bundle has already raised 225,000 USD for these organizations.

That’s a lot of content for a minimum donation of five bucks. I’ve highlighted a few of the included games that are worth the donation. Each of these games is definitely worth that, though if you donate to get the bundle, I encourage you to give more.


The first edition of Agon was one of my gateways into the world of indie RPGs. It was a fantastic game of positional combat and evocative rules. The new edition by original creator John Harper (of Blades In The Dark fame) and Sean Nittner pushes the game further as a mythic tale emulator. You and your table are all Greek heroes vying for the favor of the gods, battling legendary monsters…but only one of you will be remembered as the hero of the tale. It’s a fantastic mix of cooperative and competitive storytelling that’s flexible enough to end your epic tales in satisfying non-combat ways.

Alien Armory​

Whenever they mention the Bioweapons Division in Aliens, weapons like the ones in this supplement for Mothership from Nyhur. The illustrations from J.F. Pierra are exactly the kind of gnarly stuff an evil transplanetary corporation has cooking in their black sites. And if you don’t have Mothership, the descriptions and powers are evocative enough that they could show up in all sorts of dark future games like ALIEN or Warhammer 40k.

A Dirty World​

The Talents system powers a wide variety of superhero games, such as GODLIKE or Wild Talents. But it also powers this game of flawed heroes and hopeful villains from Greg Stolze. Film noir is a hard genre to get right in RPGs, but Stolze nails the tone thanks to a system that shifts characters' identities as they play. Just like noir protagonists, the ideals and dreams your characters start with might slip out of their grasp as they take action in a world that looks black and white but is actually many subtle types of gray.

The Things We Leave Behind​

Stygian Fox has created some fantastic modern horror scenarios. The Things We Leave Behind has some of my favorites including Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home involving a complicated hunt for a kidnapped child and Hell In Texas which casts a modern Hell House in a more disturbing light thanks to some “real” occult items used as props. These adventures are built for Call of Cthulhu, but could be run with any modern investigate horror system, like Delta Green or Monster of the Week with a few minutes of modification.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians​

Combat is easy, romance is hard. Thirsty Sword Lesbians hopes to change that with a PbtA system that mixed fighting and flirting in equal measure. The game puts safety tools front and center and has a light, breezy tone that encourages people to have fun while still taking the time to address a challenging subject for many gaming tables. The game also includes several settings full of fast action and high romance.

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert: My interview with creator April Kit Walsh about romance in gaming is available in Wyrd Science, which is also part of this bundle.


Wanderhome offers diceless, pastoral fantasy that’s good for getting kids into gaming or for groups that want a break from the usual looting and violence. I’ve gone into depth on this game elsewhere on this very site so this is a great opportunity to form your own opinion on this unique take on anthropomorphic animal adventures.

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Rob Wieland

Rob Wieland

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Bought it. It's a great deal, and glad to have some way to support the cause. I live next door to Texas (I'm in NM) and am frankly overwhelmed at how far back they're trying to roll social progress and the right to human dignity over there. (and I'll note, a lot of Texans, including most all of the ones I know who live there, are not happy about this.)
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Limit Break Dancing
How can you have favorite picks already? There's so much in this bundle I've barely even begun to figure out what I've bought! :)
I haven't even made it through Page 1 of my Downloads, and I've got 16 more pages to go. I'm currently entranced with "TURN: A slice-of-life, rural supernatural RPG about shapeshifters in small towns," and I'd happily pay the$5 purchase just for this title alone. I missed out on the Kickstarter, and now it's mine.

The overall response has been incredible. As of 14:00 PST, the bundle has raised $356,889 from 37,553 contributors. The asking price is $5, but the average contribution is almost twice that at $9.50.

Thanks for all you do for the site, @Morrus. On the 'net, safe and quiet places like this are rare indeed.
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Limit Break Dancing
So I sent my receipt in to Solarian Games, and they responded very quickly with a download link to a game bundle of their own:
  • Top Secret NWO game (Core Rules)
  • Mission Module, "The White Queen"
  • Mission Module, "Rendezvous Oasis."
I don't know if all supporters will get the same bundle of rewards, though...perhaps your own rewards will differ?

I also sent my receipt to Hit Point Games, as directed by the page. I'll let you know what I find out from them when I hear back.

Monty Cook Games
has joined the cause too! From the website:
Monte Cook Games is also joining us for this cause! Folks can visit to submit their receipts and grab three adventures for Cypher System, Numenera, and The Strange, as well as a Numenera Quickstart adventure and their Consent in Gaming form!​

I went to the website and sent them a copy of my receipt as well and sure enough, they responded right away with a bundle for download:
  • Ashes of the Sea
  • Consent in Gaming
  • Forgetting Doomsday
  • The Infinity Shift
  • The Hum
So that's 501 TTRPG Titles (and counting), for a minimum donation of $5.

Hit Point Games
just sent me the download link for their Big Bad Bundle #01-06, a collection of six booklets each with a different "big bad" boss monster for 5E. Each PDF has details about the boss's back story, personality, and tactics...more than just stats.

So that's 507 TTRPG titles (and counting). Still just $5.
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Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Yeah, I jumped on this with a bit of a tip myself. I'm completely disgusted with the cultural war being waged by certain elements of society, particularly when the cost to them is so low and the cost to their victims so high. Nobody ever commits suicide because there are trans (or any other identity on the LGBTQ+ spectrum) kids in the school. It is and always will be the kids who are targeted by this abomination who will pay the price - some with their lives.
The number of trans GenZ kids I know is pretty high compared to every other generation I know. Polls are showing that GenZ holds far fewer social stigmas about sexuality and gender identity. As a result, I'm very optimistic for the future as long as we can give them the space to live and grow.

And yes, this includes my own kids.

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