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Rob Wieland


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

October 2021
Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


2 Classic Settings

2022 or Beyond

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Rob Wieland

Rob Wieland

Hearts of Wulin Is A Soaring Swashbuckler
  • 2
When Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon came out twenty years ago, it exposed a new audience to a new side of the wuxia genre. There were plenty of western fans of the exquisite fight sequences, but...
Rise Of The Drow is Three Good D&D Books In One
  • 21
There are a lot of solid campaigns out for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Wizards of the Coast’s strategy of one new campaign a year seems to be working for them. By focusing on campaigns...
My Five Favorite Things From The Wild Beyond The Witchlight
  • 34
This month begins one of the busiest periods in the history of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. We’re getting three months of back to back to back releases, starting with The Wild Beyond The...
Get Cozy With Cthulhu In Brindlewood Bay
  • 3
Mysteries can be one of the trickiest types of game to run. Threading the needle between too much information and too little information changes from GM to GM and group to group. When it works...
Go Back To The Medieval Future of Fading Suns
  • 9
Every gamer I know has a Pile of Shame. It’s the pile or shelf of books and games that they’ve acquired that go unplayed for whatever reason. Maybe the group isn’t into the theme. Maybe something...
My First Game: Top Secret/SI
  • 29
For the vast majority of people who get into the tabletop role-playing hobby, Dungeons & Dragons was the gateway. While I enjoy D&D and think my favorite edition of it is the current one, my...
A Look Inside The Upcoming Avatar Legends: The RPG
  • 1
Magpie Games set tongues wagging earlier this year when they announced they had secured the rights to create a role-playing game based on the animated TV shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and The...
This Potbellied Kobold Is Full of Surprises
  • 5
Most official 5e adventure collections come in one of two styles; a campaign style storyline meant to be played straight through or a collection of vaguely themed adventures to be dropped in...
Trinity Continuum Reboots Aberrant For The Better
  • 15
When Aberrant was first released in 1999, comic book superheroes were in a state of flux. The 90s had been a dark period where heroes shied away from the fantastic origins of the genre. Everyone...
The Mecha Hack Packs Big Robot Action In A Small Package
  • 1
I fell in love with giant stompy robots visiting the Battletech Center for my thirteenth birthday. It seems strange in a modern world of online battle, but once upon a time you had to go to the...
A Great Solo Game For Aspiring Han Solos
  • 3
I have had to admire wargaming as a hobby from afar. I don’t have the patience to learn how to paint and I don’t have the money to invest in a ton of scenery and accessories. So I wondered why I...
Solasta: Crown of the Magister Offers A Hidden Fifth Edition Computer Gem
  • 65
Seven years in, one would think there would be an official Fifth Edition video game by now. There are plenty of ways to play D&D electronically, such as the upcoming Dark Alliance action brawler...
Partners Puts Procedurals Under The Hot Lights
  • 1
Role-playing games are a hobby of mimicry. They are a new way to tell the stories we love. We get a chance to be part of the story and make the choices of our favorite heroes and villains. Thanks...
Welcome to the World of Papercraft
  • 15
While I am not much of a minis player, I am dazzled by the gorgeous tables and setups I see at conventions and online. Dwarven Forge terrain blows my mind but I don’t have the time, money or...
The One Box RPG Philosophy of Scratchpad Publishing
  • 5
Game designer Rodney Thompson has experience in both the board game and role-playing game design worlds. He was part of the team that designed Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, led the development...
My Favorite Parts of Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft
  • 44
Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft is the most hotly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons book in a while. Ravenloft has proved to be one of the most popular official settings. Fans are excited to see a...
World Wide Wrestling Returns For A Rematch
  • 1
As a professional nerd, I would be hard pressed to choose the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. One thing that definitely cracks the top five is my time as the head of an e-fed in college. Me and my...
Blood Gods Change The Landscape of Vampire The Masquerade
  • 18
As a long time fan and contributor to Vampire: The Masquerade, I must admit that the launch of fifth edition has been mixed. It’s been cool to see folks return to the game thanks to the success of...
A Look Inside Dune 2d20
  • 45
Dune occupies a strange place in the pop culture pantheon. Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel spawned a series of sequels and is beloved by many sci-fi fans. Though it’s been cited as an inspiration to...
A First Look at 2d20 Fallout from Modiphius
  • 39
Fallout has had an interesting journey to its place in geek culture. It started out as a GURPS computer game, turned into a series of RPGs from a beloved team, expanded its hold on gamers with a...

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