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Rob Wieland

Rob Wieland

Star Trek Adventures Discovery Campaign Guide Review
  • 1
When Star Trek: Discovery came out in 2017 it became one of the most polarizing shows in all of Star Trek. Some fans enjoyed the modern take on the story with season-long arcs and big bad...
Blade Runner Starter Set Review
  • 11
Props are one of the things that set apart tabletop role-playing games apart from other entertainments. I truly enjoy seeing a players face light up when I hand them a prop to study rather than...
A Review of Blade Runner
  • 22
Blade Runner looms large over the RPG landscape. Two of the hobby’s biggest games, Cyberpunk and Shadowrun were inspired by Ridley Scott’s science fiction neo-noir full of high tech devices and...
Warhammer: Soulbound: Artefacts of Power Review
  • 1
Magic is everywhere in the world of Soulbound: Age of Sigmar. The characters are traveling through the Mortal Realms, each one suffused by one of the Winds of Magic. Many of these characters have...
A Ruins Of The Lost Realm Review
  • 9
What do Dungeon Masters and Real Estate Agents have in common? They know the importance of location, location, location. The first book of Free League Publishing’s One Ring line, Ruins of the Lost...
Everyday Heroes Review
  • 37
Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition loomed large in the gaming landscape twenty years ago. Wizards attempted to spin off a few products from its monolith. One of the most fondly remembered is D20...
A For The Queen Review
  • 1
One of the hardest parts of getting people into role playing games is the paperwork. Pitching friends on a game of Let’s Pretend is easy compared to then sitting down and filling out character...
A CY_BORG Review
  • 2
Most of the cyberpunk games on the market have the cyber part of the game well covered. There are books chock full of cool gadgets and futuristic weapons to equip characters. The punk side, on the...
A Review of Eternal Night of Lockwood
  • 4
Despite their reputations as unprofitable, I think that adventure books are vital to game lines. The best ones show how the designers expect their game to be played while also offering tools for...
A Stealing Stories For The Devil Review
  • 3
Heists are at the heart of many of our most popular stories and games. Bilbo is tapped by Gandalf for his skills as a burglar. What is a dungeon crawl if not a fantasy version of a bank vault...
A Review of Tales Of The Red: Street Stories
  • 6
The word “cyberpunk” has different meanings based on the medium. In film, it connects to films like Blade Runner, The Matrix and Robocop that ask questions about where humanity and technology...
A Blackbirds Review
  • 8
Dark fantasy has been having a moment these past few years. Whether you’re talking House of the Dragon or The Witcher it seems like many tables want their swords and sorcery to come with some doom...
A Review Of Into The Odd Remastered
  • 0
Monty Python seems to span gamer generations. The true test may be the success of the RPG Kickstarter, but chances are if you make a Python reference at a gaming table, someone will laugh. And...
A Soulbound: Champions of Death Review
  • 2
There are some impressive character options in Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Flipping through the main book offers everything from tree people to blood cultists ready to fight against the forces of...
The Original Star Frontiers Retro Review
  • 31
By the time I got into role playing games in the late 80s, I already had found my sci-fi space opera game. I only had eyes for WEG’s seminal Star Wars D6 ruleset. Other gamers spoke fondly of the...
A Tome of Heroes Review
  • 15
It must be a perilous time to be a third party Dungeons & Dragons company. The One D&D discussion quickly sucked all the air out of the room. Even though the next iteration of D&D is two years...
Use Your Old CCGs To Power Your RPGs
  • 14
Chances are if you’re like me, you’ve got a few cardboard skeletons in your closet. Magic: The Gathering has been around since 1993 and in the intervening years hundreds of games have tried to...
A Review of Doctors And Daleks
  • 25
When Cubicle 7 announced a Doctor Who RPG book that used Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition as its basis, there was a great hue and cry on social media. Eventually two basic camps emerged; one that...
A Mechwarrior: Destiny Review
  • 20
I convinced my mom to drive me and a few of my friends down to Chicago to experience a Battletech Center when I was thirteen years old. For those unaware, these were an early format of multiplayer...
A Tournament of Pigs Review
  • 10
One of the most fascinating things to come out of the OSR for me is the concept of “the funnel”. These adventures encourage players to make multiple low-level characters that are meant to be...

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