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D&D 5E My wizard!


First Post
So, I made this character for a game that I don't think is happening anymore, due to scheduling conflicts. Because I'm loathe to have him just collect dust forever, I wanted to at least show him off a little to get other peoples' thoughts/opinions/etc. Here is Roger Cromwell, Human Outlander Wizard.



Life in Blackerthton is difficult, but that's the way they prefer it. Their village is surrounded by the much-hated Giants, both extremely territorial peoples and very unforgiving. The great hero, 'Maxwell The Hammer' who is famous in history and folklore for fending off a goblin horde from a baron's tower for for eight days before falling actually hailed from Blackerthton, which any local will be proud to tell you. (Blackerthton locals also like to laugh at outsiders for their pronunciation. Saying 'Blackerton' in a Blackerthton bar will lead to endless mockery and ribbing for the rest of the night.)
Of course there's farming and fishing and lumberjacking, lots of people do lots of things to keep the little village working. But it would be foolhardy to think that any of those are as well-known as the Blackerthton Mines. When men reach around 15 or so, they've earned the right to drink, and they've earned the right to work, which most do gladly.

Roger didn't share that point of view, he grew up seeing his dad coming home broken and tired and covered in soot. He also knew from experience that farmwork and heavy lifting would leave him much the same way down the road. Even at 6 years old he saw and understood the swinging of the eternal pendulum, and was desperate to avoid it. So a year later when a collection of wizards from the nearby school were riding through down in horse-drawn wagons, Roger broke the tradition of every boy growing up, and went out to intercept the old wise men before they left for good. A few passed tests later, and Roger gladly abandoned his home to study with some of the greatest minds that were available in the Old World(the ones who weren't off making airships and other such incredible inventions).

Twelve years later Roger came back to Blackerthton, though he couldn't tell you why. Maybe it was guilt, or maybe he wanted to come gloat, or maybe he wanted to help his family live a better life. Whatever reason brought him back 'home' it didn't turn out how he wanted and he left shortly after. He roamed the world in search of purpose. And at 20 years old, he decided to book an airship going anywhere. Anywhere but here.

APPEARANCE: Roger stands at 5'8, and is a bit thin for his frame, but that's what being a wandering pilgrim does to you. His hair is brown and, whenever he is in a town with a barber, he likes to get a particular cut done: Shaved at the sides and back, but with a part from the left, and enough hair up top to tie a short, small little ponytail or topknot. Around his face he likes to keep a thick mustache and goatee combo, although his hair grows quick and it's not unusual to see him with a heavier beard once and a while. His skin is tanned and more weatherbeaten, and his eyes are a very deep blue.

Along and down his arms(all the way to his fingers), and reaching into his back a bit are a collection of tattoos. While you could be forgiven for thinking that they were just random designs or jagged lines, if you inspect closely and understand Dwarven runes, you'll see that the tattoos are actually mathematical equations of different forms, some of which are impossible and contradictory(Unless you happen to be a wizard, of course.).

In terms of clothing, he wears a pair of extremely plain brown boots, usually caked in mud and dirt, and on his legs and hips he wears a tan pair of leggings, held up with a cloth drawstring belt.

Up top he'll be wearing one of two different tunics, depending on the weather. The most common(and his favorite) is an ocean blue tunic with no sleeves, that actually looks to be made of quality material. If it's colder he'll wear a long-sleeved white tunic, that is more coarse and looks to be made of wool or the like. Over both of these, when traveling he'll wear what looks like a very cheap burlap traveling cloak, frayed at the ends with a hood that has obviously been patched up and sewn back up many times. He doesn't wear this cloak when not traveling, mind you.

No matter what tunic he wears, over it he wears a black leather belt with a cheap brass buckle, with what looks like a large gleaming dagger with a hilt that looks like an iron roaring dragon, and then next to that is a smaller 'utility' knife, used for many different things. On his back is a backpack, bulging with items. Tied to the outside is a waterskin and an iron cooking pot. Finally, in his hands at all times is what looks like a long six foot staff. The very end has a metal pointed 'cap' to protect the wood, and the wood itself is painted yellow, blue and red in a striping pattern that goes all the way up. These stripes go up to three 'hands' that stretch up at the top, one blue(looking like a girl's hand, with little crescent moons carved in with yellow nails on the fingertips), one red(one looking it is wearing some sort of armored gauntlet that stops before the fingers, those fingers are very strong with sharp blue nails) and one yellow(looking like a slender woman's, with what looks like clouds and raindrops carved into that section with painted red nails) of course. These three hands are 'clasped' around some sort of round glass, something that has some liquid material moving around inside of it. This liquid that moves with motion makes the glass look like something between an unblinking 'eye', and a frog's egg.

(Behind the scenes, the look of the staff was basically a lot of symbolism, which had to do with the very specific pantheon of gods and goddesses which were made for this would-be campaign. I figured three of them would be especially important to magic users and intellectuals, and ran with it. The staff isn't like a magic item or anything, just painted up to look really fancy shmancy.)



Name: Roger Cromwell
Background Outlander

Race: Human

HP: 8
AC: 12

STR: 10 +0
DEX: 14 +2
CON: 14 +2
INT: 17 +3
WIS: 8 -1
CHA: 12 +1

Languages: Common, Giant, Dwarvish

Base Speed: 30 feet.

Skills: Insight(bonus human), Athletics(Background), Survival(Background), Investigation(Class), History(Class)

Saving throws: Int Wisdom

Spell Save: 13

Spell Attack Modifier: 5

Proficiency Bonus +2


You have a mind that can track time, direction,
and detail with uncanny precision. You gain the
following benefits.
Increase your lntelligence score by 1, to a maximum
of 20.
You always know which way is north.
You always know the number of hours left before the
next sunrise or sunset.
You can accurately recall anything you have seen or
heard within the past month.




Copper: 16

Items: Quarterstaff(1d6, Versatile 1d8. Arcane Focus), Dagger, Arcane Focus, Scholar's Pack, Spellbook, Traveler's Clothes

Outlander Items: A staff, a hunting trap, a trophy from an animal you killed, a set of traveler's clothes

Misc: Bedroll, Hempen Rope(50 feet), Mess Kit, Iron Pot, Blanket, Waterskin, Flask/Tankard, Cook's Utensils, Soap, Fishing Tackle

Trinket: A small packet filled with pink dust.

Scholar's Pack (40 gp). Includes a backpack, a book of lore,
a bottle of ink, an ink pen, 10 sheets of parchment, a little
bag of sand, and a small knife

3 Cantrips: Green-Flame Blade, Ray Of Frost, Shape Water

6 1st level spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Earth Tremor, Alarm, Expedious Retreat, Witchbolt


So, yeah. That's Roger Cromwell.

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If you like keen mind, that is great.
From an optimization poknt of view it is not the best feat. 16 or 17 int does not make a difference.
A better feat may be resilient constitution for better concentration saving throws or warcaster since with standard array there is no need for +1 to con.


First Post
If you like keen mind, that is great.
From an optimization poknt of view it is not the best feat. 16 or 17 int does not make a difference.
A better feat may be resilient constitution for better concentration saving throws or warcaster since with standard array there is no need for +1 to con.

Yeah, I'm not super into optimization most of the time, unless it makes sense for a specific character. In this case, I liked what Keen Mind gave me, in terms of roleplaying hooks and possible character moments.

So you only have to check your spellbook once a month? Huh.

What do you mean?


Well you've memorized your spellbook with perfect recall, so you can just read it by consulting your mental image.


Dances with Gnolls
I like it. I certainly want to know what happened when he went back to his village for a visit, which is good. Means I want to know more about this guy. I am slightly invested already.

Now, on a more important note, how should I pronounce 'Blackerthton'?

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