Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters: suggest who to include


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We will be producing a hardcover book next year called Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters. It's inspired by Mike Myler's awesome weekly column here at EN World, though it will be monster/NPC stat blocks rather than character builds.

These can be mythological figures, such as Lancelot, or monsters, such as Cerberus. Gods, demi-gods etc. are welcome; but remember, if it has a stat block somebody can kill it.

This is the full list as it stands at present. These are all (a) fictional, (b) individual (so no creature types, just specific named beings), and (c) public domain. I'd like to get this list up to 100 total, so another 42 are needed. So, if there's somebody you'd like to see, suggest them below. Also, include a link in case I don't know who it is.

1 Achilles
2 Aladdin
3 Anzu
4 Arachne
5 Arthur
6 Atalanta
7 Baba Yaga
8 Beowulf
9 Black Shuck
10 Brünnhilde
11 Cerberus
12 Chupacabra
13 Circe
14 Conan the Barbarian
15 Cthulhu
16 Cu-Sith
17 Daedelus
18 Dagon
19 Don Quixote
20 Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde
21 Dracula
22 Drona
23 Elizabeth Bathory (post-mortem)
24 Fafnir
25 Fenrir
26 Frankenstein’s Monster
27 Ghatanothoa
28 Gilgamesh
29 Grendel
30 Hastur
31 Headless Horseman
32 Hippolyta
33 Hodag
34 Hua Mulan
35 Jackalope
36 Jersey Devil
37 Lancelot
38 Loki
39 Merlin Ambrosius
40 Morgan le Fay
41 Mothman
42 Nessie the Loch Ness Monster
43 Nyarlathotep
44 Odysseus
45 Penthesilia
46 Perseus
47 Robin Hood
48 Sage Douban
49 Saint George
50 Shub-Niggurath
51 Sinbad
52 Storm Hag
53 Sun Wukong
54 Talos
55 Tarzan
56 Thor
57 Yig, Father of Serpents
58 Yog-Sothoth


Doctor Victor Von Frankenstein(Might as well have the Creature's dad technically.)
Sancho Panzo(what's a knight without a squire?)
The Fisher King
Caine(Dat ye old Caine)
Atilla The Hun
Black Beard(Hello Saltmarshes)
Don Juan
William The Immortal Bard Himself Shakespeare
The Great Demon of The Sixth Heaven: Oda Nobunaga
Watson(it's elementary don't ya know?)

Atticus Finch(Unless its changed, I remember reading how How to Kill a Mockingbird's copyright ended recently)

The Black Lagoon(Living Spell entity that spawns undead mermaids. Connectes to the Shadowfell somehow.)

Hector of Troy
Lady in The Lake(Fey Patron of Hexblades.)

The Green Knight(From Gwain and the Green Knight.)
The Black Knight
The *#$@ing Rabbit!!
Virgil(Dante's Inferno: The Original Poem)
All-Father Odin/His Avatar: The Grey Wanderer.
Knight of The Mirrors(Don Quixote's dreaded Nemesis!!!)

Echidna: Mother of Monsters
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That's a good list. Here are some I was able to think of, will have to wrack my brain or do some research to see if I can come up with any more:



Maui (Shapechanger, demigod of Wind and Sea, Wayfinder, Hero to All)
Hina (sister of Maui, Women in the Moon)

Sundiata Keita (Founder of the Empire of Mali)
King Shango the Thunderer
Makeda the Queen of Sheba
Ryangombe the Hunter

Setanta Cu Chulain
The Lambton Worm

Samson the Judge
Moses the Prophet

Dick Turpin
Tam OShanter
John Barleycorn
The Obby Hoss

Dorothy Gale & crew
Jack Pumpkinhead
Alice of Wonderland
Tweedledee and Tweedledum

The Little Matchgirl
The Tin Soldier

Doc Samson


Pecos Bill
Johnny Appleseed
Joe Magarac
John Henry