Myths of the Jonstown Compendium

Welcome to Myths of the Jonstown Compendium, the new and ongoing article to cover the Jonstown Compendium community content program. This is content that focuses on Chaosium’s Glorantha-related games, Questworld (formerly Heroquest) and Runequest. After our initial article, there was a great outpouring of content creators and those articles are coming after this one. Over the next weeks and months keep an eye out for these reviews, as either individual articles or in collected reviews. If you are a Jonstown content creator, please feel free to reach out to us. The format for the Myths may change over time and if you have any thoughts, let us know! Feedback is appreciated as these articles evolve.

What's New

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  3. Kovid’s Nineteen from Graeme Atkinson
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What's Hot

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  4. Six Seasons in Sartar from Andrew Montgomery
  5. Men of the West from Martin Helsdon


The Red Moon Reviews: The Dregs of Clearwine

Today the Red Goddess has graced us with a review of The Dregs of Clearwine, all hail the Red Moon! The creators reached out to EN World and provided us with a copy of this wonderful (spoilers) supplement for Runequest: Glorantha. It was created by Beer With Teeth, and also specifically credits Kristi Herbert, Erin McGuire, Diana Probst, and Dom Twist. These folks put an amazing amount of work into The Dregs of Clearwine and you will not be disappointed with what is inside.

The artwork is great and provides not only maps of the area, but also portraits of the NPCs that are listed in the supplement. It evokes the right kind of Glorantha feelings and provides a great compliment to the descriptions of the locations. There are also small pieces of line art throughout that add to the overall aesthetic of the work. For those who want to know what can be done with the basic templates from Chaosium, The Dregs of Clearwine are a fantastic example to follow.

At the heart of the supplement are the Dregs, an area of the city of Clearwine that is filled with the poor, indigent, and some foreigners. It is a small slum in Clearwine, which is described as too small to have a sizable slum. But the NPCs portrayed in the supplement are anything but dregs and in fact a number of plot hooks are provided for them. Mamma Vorlena, an Initiate of Ernalda, is the matriarch of a large extended family and maybe the whole of the Dregs. The plot hooks in Mamma’s House alone would be enough to keep a group of adventurers going for quite some time.The other entries and NPCs are just as vivid and interesting.

As a supplement for Runequest: Glorantha, The Dregs of Clearwine is useful. An adventure, Old Bones, included provides an example of how the personalities and plot hooks can be combined to create a tense and dramatic situation. The Dregs of Clearwine would be of equal use to those using the HeroQuest/Questworld rules for Glorantha. Yes, you would have to do some conversions, but if you are familiar with the games that should be no problem. In addition, if you are not a fan of Runequest or of Glorantha, this is still a fantastic view of a small slum full of interesting people that can be dropped into your favorite world or system.

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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

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