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One thing I am wondering about the Judge Dredd game is the lack of stats for named characters from the series - Judges and Perps. To date we have stats for Judge Dredd in 2099, but that was an add-on that didn't appear in the rulebook. I presume you do have plans for including them in the future? There are so many named characters from the series that I'd like to see stats for. Given how many there are you could easily publish separate supplements for notable named Judges and infamous named Perps and aliens.

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Named NPCs will appear in the adventures in which they are introduced. The Robot Wars had Call-Me-Kenneth, for example. There's 40 years of named characters (that's a LOT!), and we'll get to them all in chronological order. Anderson, for example, doesn't appear until the Judge Death storyline which starts in Prog #149. :)

There are some lesser named perps mentioned in the various short Further Case Files vignette adventures in The Robot Wars; those ones use standard stat blocks. Joe "Scarface"Levine is a blitz agent, for example, and Franeknstein 2 is a worker with 10 ranks in medicine.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the quick response, Morrus. The only downside is that it's going to take a long time before we catch up with the current storyline.

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