NC Game Day XI: September 23! (Player Registration Now Open)


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This is my first time on ENWorld in FOREVER!!! I just wanted to drop in and say that NC Gameday was excellent. I had a wonderful time running OoTS, and even though my story plot had more holes than a kitchen colander, the players were truly top-notch and totally rolled with it.

For those who are dying to know, CL won the "who gets to play Elan" contest and totally rocked the character. In fact, I may call him Mr. Biz from now on...

I also had a wonderful time in Kunimatyu's Firefly game. I LOVE Kaylee and had a wonderful time roleplaying her. Jayne was also well-played and had a ton of one-liners that I can't even begin to remember. BTW, Kunimatyu, the kitten was an excellent touch!!

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I'll chime in, an as well. We had a fantastic time, as always.

Nakia's WWII game was a treat - a fine showcase of the Grim Tales/Mythic Heroes set. Of course, I may never rid myself of the diappointment I felt when I didn't get to use my sweet, beautiful satchel charge to blow anything up. However, the silly accents (especially the Italian one) more than made up for it.

"I can't believe that worked! I wasn't even speaking Italian...just English with a bad Italian accent!"

Rel's pirates game was a hoot, as well - although I have to give a great deal of the credit to Nakia for this game, too. His halfling spymistress was genuinely hilarious; especially his/her use of the "blather" skill to allow us to board an enemy ship. Although dressing up a bunch of pirates as caterers to steal a deadly evil artifact sounds like the worst plan ever, it went off without a hitch for us!

Also, Pepster and I got to use our pirate voices. I won't toot my own horn, here, but Pepster's pirate voice was awesome.

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