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NC Game Day XII: January 20th - BE THERE!


Liquid Awesome
Where does one go when they want to have more fun than you should be allowed to have with your clothes on? The NC Game Day!

Next one is January 20th. This one will be a slight departure from our normal format in that the NCSU Student Center wasn't available this time around. We've been offered a great alternate venue at the All Fun & Games store in Cary. It's at Waverly Place shopping center. If you don't know where that is then we'll get you better directions very soon.

Our official website can be found HERE. Here is some important info that you need to know, especially if this is your first time attending:

To schedule a game, the following must happen in order:

1) You must register on this site, and request to be a GM. If you were a GM on a previous Game Day, you should still be a GM on future Game Days, so go to step 3.

2) An admin (Rel or Morgenes) approves you as a GM.

3) You submit your event (My Events -> Submit), filling out the required fields and submitting it.

4) An admin reviews and accepts the event, and assigns it to a table.

Important: Right now we are only taking submissions for GM's to run games. If you're going to run a game send it in as soon as possible. Players can take a couple weeks to look over their options. At 5PM on Friday December 22nd we will open up registration for players to sign up for these games. We will continue to take submissions for games after this but there is a good chance that folks will already have signed up for stuff so the sooner you get it in, the better your chances of having players.

If you want folks to be able to sign up for your game in advance, use Open Game as the "Game Type".

There are two main slots for role-playing games this game day. Either morning or afternoon. Morning runs from 9-2pm. There will be an hour lunch break till 3pm, then the afternoon session runs from 3pm - 8pm.

So when you submit your event, choose a start time of either 9am or 3pm, depending on what slot you want to run in.

The additional notes field is so you can tell the administrators about any special needs you might have, like a certain size or shape of table, or power needs.

If you have previously registered at the NC Game Day site then you don't have to do that part. If you've previously run a game at NC Game Day then you don't need to register as a GM. All you have to do at that point is submit your game and have it approved and slotted.

Questions? Post them here.

Also, we strive to make this a very social event. The NC Game Day isn't just about gaming with other ENWorlders. It's also about flirting with their wives. So make sure you join us on Friday night or Saturday night for hanging out and having fun chatting.

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I'll be running either Spycraft or a D&D murder mystery. Which one do you think I should run?

Spycraft: Touchdown!
Terrorists have hijacked the Budweiser blimp over the Superbowl, and are threatening to release a deadly chemical over the stadium.

D&D 3.5: CSI: Danguro
As crime scene investigators for the city guard, it's up to you solve a rather bizarre murder.



The Spycraft game is more polished, but I know the D&D rules better. If I run Spycraft, it'll be pretty rules-light.

Can somebody update the image found here:

Where will Friday/Saturday night festivities happen? I'm a DJ, and I'd be happy to provide music if it's in a setting conducive to it.

What's All Fun & Games like?

Are the NC Gamedays limited to role-playing games, or are there board/card/other games?


Mark Causey

I may be in class but will hopefully be able to make the afternoon session.

As such, I think I'll actually run a game this time.

EDIT: Yes, I will! Who wants old school dungeon crawl with a somewhat new rules flavor? We're going to play Shadow of Yesterday. I've got an ancient Dwarf tomb, overrun by goblins, who are protecting a magical Elf weapon. There should be plenty of ass to kick and some neat story, to boot!

The only warning I give is that this is not a tactical minis game. Otherwise, I think anybody can enjoy it. I'll teach the game as we go.
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