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OOC: Well, depending on what happens and how much time passes with my actions above, the Sorceress could still get back and help out there.

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Lets go compucode on this situation. :p
IF Dr D wants prisoners
THEN we bring a couple
ELSE we finish them all off.

IF Sorceress can get back soon
THEN we spend some time looting the base for intel before we teleport out
ELSE we get out asap on foot before reinforcements arrive.

Walking Dad

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OOC: Sorry, I thought I answered this before:

The question to the doctor was still in turn based time and the doctor simply answered so fast. Siren's telepathic question wasn't possible as she cannot use the affliction and her communication power at once. For the sake of continuing, assume the Doc said he wasn't interested in non-V'sori prisoners.


K, so we don't take any prisoners, and now we're just waiting to know if the sorceress was able to get back quickly enough for us to loot/gather data before porting us out, or if we just need to get out on our own and meet up later?
If she does get back, do we need any rolls for loot/data gathering or are you just going to decide what we get?

Walking Dad

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The Doctor arrives in person with his guards. The more sensitive among you register that he seems to mostly concentrate on the presidents daughter. He briefly congratulates you, uncharacteristically joyful and quickly departs with them to an unknown location.
You have some time until he calls you again. During this time the positive effect and the rising hope after the president and his family were saved is nearly impossible not to notice.

But everything good ends and after some days, Doctor Destruction phones you again through your communicators. Even as the call is prerecorded, you notice the hidden stress and rage in his voice:

"I have another assignment for you, Omegans. First, contact a former V’sori battlelord in Southpoint; his location and details on his situation have been uploaded to your commlinks. You may be able to convince him to aid you in your real quest: Penetrate the fortress of Hydra, the Mutant Mastermind and recover a particular device for me. It looks much like a silver and blue phone booth, but is much, much more, I can assure you.
Hydra’s base has already been taken by the aliens, so you’ll need to approach with caution and cunning. It would be best if the lab were destroyed. Hydra had quite a number of experiments I’d rather the V’sori not get their hands on. It’s also imperative they don’t know what you took."

The V'sori battlelord's name is Ikaran. He was shamed and demoted in public and is now riding a desk in a communications relay station somewhere in Star City’s Southpoint section of town. It occupies the corner of the tenement’s 30th floor, a heavily armored room masked by the crumbling exterior of urban decay.
The best time to approach the solitary V’sori is around midday.

Hydra's base is a palatial mansion built into the side of a sheer cliff located about 25 miles south of Star City on the mainland. A single, lonely strip of badly paved road off the main highway provides the only easy means of access to the mansion.

OOC: If you want, you may post what your character would do between the missions.
What I need is that the characters think about a strategy how they approach Ikaran.


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Ben O'hare

"If we're having to talk to him in the middle of the day, we'll have to make sure we're all 'civvied' up," here he looks to the pair who rely on armor for their defenses. "That, or hope that Siren's illusions don't blip on V'sori mental radar?" he offers.

Voda Vosa

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"Truthfully spoken Man of Many Forms." agrees Helis. "I would rather split the skull and rip the spine out of that creature, but alas we might benefit more from his cooperation than his utter destruction. Perhaps after we have obtained what we need..." a wicked smile crosses Helis face as his imagination flows, full fo gory details. "Regardless, thou might judge wise to let Helis out of this more social mission, unless thou want my intimidating and imposing figure to aid thy efforts?"


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When she has time during their assignments from the doctor, the Sorceress always tries to learn more about the world she now calls her home. Of course, the alien occupation doesn't make it easy to just stroll through the town and watch the people live a normal life, as many are not living a normal life anymore. Still, there is a lot to see, and being able to change her clothes to look inconspicious certainly helps.

Other times she experiments with her magic, trying different spells and rituals to hone her mastery of the arcane.

When it's time to discuss the new assignment, the Sorceress mentions: “Well, I can change my appearance a bit, at least the dress.”

To demonstrate, she transforms her clothes into a casual jeans and sweater outfit.


*Between missions*
Siren had taken some time to head back to the sea, coordinating the other Atlantean resistances with what she knew from working with Dr D. She had also taken some time to speak to the various leaders, continuing to woo them into working for her as she attempted to reunite her people under her rule.

*At the meeting*
"It is not my illusions that would... Blip...v'sori and Atlantean telepaths detect each others mental presences. Perhaps it would be better if I did not go."

On the other hand, an Atlantean royal representative offering the outcast an alternative may be a way to convince him.."

Siren looks around at the others.
OOC: posting from work, wanted to get idea in, will post background stuff later
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