DDAL Necromancer's Skeleton damage check.


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I am running a Adventure League game. I am allowing him to bring 5 skeletons to help out the party. The skeletons will be doing average damage. They have long bows. 1d8 damage. Silver tipped arrows. No extra damage. He is doing 10 average damage per hit using his stat bonus to hit and damage. I think his damage should be 8 (1d8 +2). What is the correct formula?

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A necromancer wizard has the Undead Thralls ability, which adds the wizard's proficiency bonus to their undead's damage rolls.


The formula is weapon damage + skeleton's Dex modifier. If you are a necromancer of 6th level or higher, you also add your proficiency bonus. So, assuming you are a single-classed necromancer:

5th level: 1d8+2 (avg 6)
6th-8th level: 1d8+5 (avg 9)
9th-12th level: 1d8+6 (avg 10)
13th-16th level: 1d8+7 (avg 11)
17th-20th level: 1d8+8 (avg 12)

Important note: Be sure to check with your DM about skeletons using weapons other than the standard shortbow/shortsword. Skeletons and zombies will use whatever weapons they are given, but that doesn't mean they are proficient with them; if your DM rules the skeleton is not proficient with a longbow, it will cost 2 points off the skeleton's attack bonus, which is already pretty bad.

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