Need for Hire



I have resently come across fordkeep, and have been in need of a job, I don't care on what the job is and don't need to know any private things in order to do it, I'll do any job as long as the pay is good and possibly if I would have fun doing it.

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Dager, Dementia Master

out of the corner came the slender man pinning up a note

To the job seeker I have an idea for a job. Please meet me in person tommorrow

He sat down and ordered another round.



Silxa, the gray cloaked woman who has been wandering about the tavern speaking with many different people, commonly stops back at the board to "read" the messages, and who now was seated at a table of mis-matched travelers discovers that there is someone looking for work. She askes the bar maid as she passes to write a message and deliver it to the job seeker along with enough money for the most expensive food dish and drink avalible.

The message read:
My name is Silxa. I am looking for a lacky. Someone who will take care of my horse, be my constaint companion, and maybe even learn a little magic.
Also, I am more than willing to pay a fare wage. As an example of my wealth, I have given the bar maid enough money for you to be able to order whatever you want, drink or food.
If you are interested in my offer, I will be here in the tavern for quite a while. Just look around for a woman with pale skin and white eyes robed in gray. If you are unsure, ask the bar maid to point me out.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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