D&D 5E Need help in optimising a Wizard build


First Post
Stats rolled are 17 12 12 10 8 7 or Point buy.
Looking to a Divination wizard ( I do like Portent) but any optimal wizard build appreciated Starting at 3rd lvl.
Thanks in advance.


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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
First, welcome to the boards.

You've not given us a lot to go on here, but you say "optimized" which suggests that you want to take the 17 (unavailable by point buy). I would suggest:

S7 D12(+2) C12 I17(+1) W10 Ch8

With a 14 dex and Mage Armor, you have an AC of 15.
I would choose a small race (to narratively justify the low str):
  • Forest Gnome gives you a cantrip and advantage on many magic saves, and darkvision
  • goblin gives you darkvision and nimble escape (= something to do with your bonus action, to disengage or hide)
  • halfelf (M) gives you 2 more skills , darkvision, and either a 13 con or an 8 cha.
Skills: Arcana and Investigation from Wizard. From your background consider something that gives you Acrobatics, Stealth and/or Perception (Sailor is good; Urchin also gives you Thieves tools proficiency). If you've gone Halfelf, I'd suggest also taking Athletics, to offset the low strength.
For your first feat (at level 4) Lucky plays into the Divination best, perhaps, though the 20 Int might be too tempting.

Three cantrips: I'd include two ranged attack spells (e.g. Chill touch and Frostbite) and Mage hand or Minor Illusion
Spellbook has 8xlevel 1 (Find Fam, Mage Armor, Shield, Magic Missile and/or Sleep, and I would choose some useful rituals like tenser, unseen servant, detect magic), 2xlevel 2 (Invisibility and something else).

Is this the sort of thing you want?

Alternately, if you wanted to start with a 20 Int, you could use the Custom Lineage in Tasha's and have
S7 D12(+1) C12 I17(+2) W10 Ch8
and start with darkvision and a feat: I'd look at one of the feats in Tasha's that give a bonus to Int, such as Fey touched or Telekinetic. Both of those allow you to start with a 20 Int.

Hope this helps.

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