need help to design out a deck for extended

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im trying to figure out what cards i should utilize to make an exceptional deck for extended, (amongst friends) play. i have the main thrust of the deck using two cards that makes up a rather vicious combo, i just need help fleshing out the rest....

the combo is Iname death aspect w/ mortal combat

i was thinking of going blue and black the blue for control and to insure the mortal combat remains in play to allow the trigger at upkeep.

any input is appreciated

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Definetly posted in the wrong place, this forum is solely for the ISRP role playing game set in the Emporium marketplace of Juxta. If you read the blurbs beside the forums before you enter them, they will tell you what the forums are for and that will help you find the most appropriate place, where your questions can be answered.

I suggest you try the TCG forums: Magic: the Gathering, Duel Masters, Neopets, MLB Showdown, Star Wars TCG or GI Joe TCG.

Good luck,

- Pounamu

Not open for further replies.

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