Starfinder Need help with Starfinder lore


Hello! I've been GMing starfinder for a while now and a problem seems to occur:
From time and time again, one of my players seems to assume that computers both in ships and everywhere give answers to every question (just like modern day google does), how does technology function in starfinder? Is there anything else of note that i should know?
They also assume that every magic is psionic, but i think both technomancers and mystics are not them, right?
Do all mystics draw their powers from gods?
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The computer issue is described in the core book:

Information Networks
Planets vary wildly in their levels of telecommunications and integration, but each Pact World has at least a rudimentary version of an infosphere: a worldwide network of digitized information. Due to the necessity of transmitting information physically, these infospheres are largely unconnected, and neighboring worlds may share core information but diverge wildly on lesser issues that haven’t been worth the effort of synchronizing. While these infospheres are often similar to Earth’s Internet, holding nearly limitless amounts of economic and cultural ephemera, all major Pact Worlds ports host basic encyclopedia-like data sets that ships can download to aid passengers in research when not in direct contact with an infosphere. For more information on network-aided research, see page 133.

Essentially, this allows you to take 20 on checks to recall knowledge by looking things up.

As for magic, neither technomancers nor mystics require much in the way of components to cast spells. Spellcasting requires concentration and it is always obvious to those nearby, but it does not necessarily require verbal or somatic components. Mystics fill the role of clerics and psions, by focusing on magic that deals with the body and mind whereas technomancers are more about matter and energy. Mystics draw power from a Connection, which may have divine overtones but does not have to. One mystic with the Akashic connection may interpret this as a connection to Nyarlathotep or Triune, but another may interpret it as a connection to the Sum of All Knowledge. The social role of a priest is handled by having the Priest theme, but that can be applied to any class.

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