WOIN Need three monsters

I am not that good at creating new critters stat-wise, but I need two sf-horror beasties from certain movies/games adapted for N.E.W. as well as an entirely new one.

1. Necromorphs from Dead Space series - basically a contagion that turns inanimate tissue into monsters (not zombies but something reconfigured into more efficient and horrifying abominations).

2. (maybe overlapping with the above) The Thing from the Carpenter movie - a shachanger that infects others and turns them into beings just like it, with individual parts turning into creatures in their own right.

3. A psychic predator - existing in some sort of alterate dimension, they hook themselves into psionic-users and use their powers to infect others with madness, using their hallucinations to come into reality as biomechanical-looking entities of various strenghts.

If there are such things already out there, having been built by others, please point me in the right directions or give me some tips how to make these myself. Any help will be greatly appreciated....

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Okay, that is great!
Maximum dice pool...I found slight problems with some of the monsters in the bestiary on the W.O.I.N page. Does the max dice pool have to be equal to or lower than the rank of the characters? If it's higher, I found that the characters are barely able to hit the enemy...


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Check the thread right below this one. I answered that question just yesterday (for somebody who had the exact opposite problem!)

Max dice pool and grade aren’t directly comparable. You compare max dice pool with max dice pool.

Damn..thanks! I am so friggin relieved...I just could not wrap my head around how to adjudicate difficulties which made me so reluctant to run the system. Thanks for clearing that up, man.

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