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Neutiquam Erro


Bhryn Astairre

God has an answer for every soul,
For every life that his bell doth toll.
If every sin was so simple to see,
Then every soul would be happy and free.
But sometimes the answer is never there,
Floating beside you, unseen in the air.
A smile is a smile until your face cracks
As down to your knees, you become stacked.

A prayer is answered in like wise and kind,
My heart has it's own faith, also my mind.
I'll accept what I see and brook no less,
My body is concrete and my resolve at best
Can be broken and shattered into the ground.
Show me a sign that you are around.
It's taken my time to get anywhere at all,
I'd stumble, I'd falter, eventually fall.

I don't like to cry because it makes me weak,
I'd strip to my bones if I could never sleep.
I'd ignore the Reaper and live til Doomsday,
Til I get an answer from God, I'll stay.
You can laugh or you can cry, turn the cheek
But the truth is mine and here I will keep.
I'll remain on my knees with my eyes shut,
For there is always an answer to come.

A billion lights revolve up in the sky,
Each single one is an eternal eye.
They watch and they flicker in decisive repose
To see all our actions, to see all we know.
Each time has a moment, each prayer a sin,
Each sinner a saint, each time that they're in.
A church is a building, not a temple in whole.
One day He will answer every soul.

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Bhryn Astairre


To touch and turn, twisting
Along the veins.
Remember me
For all I can care or recall.
My soul and set me free
To rise above the sky.
Blood shed
For something I no longer own.
Is a sword to slice
The eyes of envy black.
Will you come back
To where it all began?
Will sing a story of this
In years to come.
I know I am out of tune
But enthusiastic the same.
Can walk away or
Hold onto what you have.
Under the velveteen moon
I will escape.
Is me no more and never
Shall it be ever again.
Freedom is bitter paid
But bought I excell alone.
For me along the lanes
To look for sparks.
Life has a way of pulling
Me along, kite like.
Watch the days wind down
Into the slow descent.
Pray to the pagan God
Wholeness be thy psalm.
Away from all this life,
To find a better me.
Hold my hand and I won't
Let go. I'll never let go.


Bhryn Astairre

Holding hands,
Those faces are turned away
But shuttered in their eyes are lights
And lies that fray.
Tightening their grip,
Hung onto what they can.
Slip their tongues
From word to word, they hang.

The hour is late,
The wine is far too free
As spirits unwind.
Slowly looking, a place to be.
The people get up to dance,
Whirl about the table.
Eyes from every shadow,
Corner, nook.. watch you unstable.

Blood has often spilt,
In clear slash line:
A high brow temple open
Wound. Nominate and decline
From duels. Drop of
A hat and ready, set, go.
Chalked up battles and war
Beyond front strip, bellow.

Travel and traverse
The miry whirls and ways about
These places. Harbour
Your intent. Those with clout
Tend to wave holy
Hell and blithely smite.
In shadows deep struck,
Red eyes watch, evil night.

Strip off the fancy title
And turn up the hem of skirts.
Anything goes here
As long as it hurts.
Pain and pleasure,
Can't have one without the other,
From mother to only child,
From wife to distant lover.

Sing along with bards
Or whisper to the dark ones.
A fighter fights what she can't see,
A cleric to guide her bones.
A mage would slight the hand,
A sorcerer smile away power.
All the while, eyes turned down
From an ivory tower.

All's for the best,
If you can stand up and move on.
Take your shot,
Or get in the way. Gone
Are happy days,
Enter the enigma, mystery, intrigue.
Let the wonder in,
Sans veritas, you will be.

~ Bhryn


Bhryn Astairre


Touch your brush to the shadows
Of the sun, inked out.
Sprayed over the houses and buildings
You can carve a place for
Home to exist in.

Voices have ached in blue and red,
Torn from throats soft
To lace your highland, highway.
Turn down those green
Green eyes.

Tinted brown swept softly
Over angular cheekbones.
Your smile is swift,
Like humour. I hang beside you
As a voiceless ghost.

Touch me and make me true
To only you. Only you.
I'm black and blue with skin
Like ice. Pale, cool.
I'll take a shadow.

Tumble through the rainbow
And out the otherside.
Tongue to touch my lips,
Not mine. Yours. Warmth.
Hands in hair hold on.

I'll make a prayer for you
With my nameless voice.
Presence is mine, I say,
"Paint what you can, in colour
But those pictures with dreams."

I am your dream, gone
With the sunburst of gold.
It flays darkness, greys banished
And with it I flee. Ghost gone,
Will you paint a picture for me?

~ Bhryn xxx


Bhryn Astairre

Just wanting to sit by the window
To see and watch the world go by.
A thousand memories can drip
Onto my talented soul from the clear sky.
Chances, so many chances for me
To get it right or just start over.
Clouds scudding that perfect blue
Rush past and don't care for another.

I couldn't envy them more
If I tried my hardest to break free.
This life is so dark,
That it's breaking my heart
So If I happen to cry,
Then you'll know why.
I couldn't envy them more,
Than what I already seem to see.

Just wanting to find those reasons
That you promise yourself when seventeen.
A lifetime or two has passed along
And no nearer is a wish or a dream.
They say my health is strong
And you know you'll get back up again.
There's a truth in those words and wind
But impatient I ask when.. when?

I couldn't wish any harder,
Limited as I am I envy those free.
This life is pain
For nothing is ever the same.
If I break down,
I'm not playing the clown.
I couldn't wish any harder,
Than what I already seem to be.

The sun is going down so slowly
That it sinks a red eye lazily on horizon.
Inked in purple, a smile finds my face
But it's scarred deep inside, warmth gone.
I just wanted to sit and wait for you
Maybe watch the time fall past in a stream.
Just wanted to have forever
For you and I, to live out our dream;

I couldn't cling with hands lost feeling,
But I know you're all I'm needing.
This life is downside-up,
Waiting for the lifeline to pop.
Hold onto me and just live,
Be content with what I can give.
I couldn't cling with hands lost feeling...
But I know, you're all I'm needing.

~ Bhryn xx


Bhryn Astairre

Don't try to save me.

I hate every day,
With every single shining perfect sunray.
I try to turn my face
Pretend that I don't see how you're looking at me,
Maybe those feelings with fade.
I can't stand to be the one
Who's always passing by the hymns and the songs:
Is there no prayer
To wake up all the burdens and lift me free?
Fascination is my biggest slayer...

I hate the way I cry,
It only makes me hurt more when I fray and die.
I'll look for a pain or a hurt,
To stab my soul with again, but now and then it's the same
And all I ever get is a mouthful of dirt.
I can't stand to see you grin
Because you think my blinding soul is caving in.
I'll take a fist
To those teeth and shatter them, pick them up faster
To form your sadistic smile.

Don't try to save me,
I'm forgotten on my knees,
I'm the one praying for release:
I'm the tease and the flirt,
I'm the blood and the hurt:
But whatever the moment brings
Don't try to save me.

I hate to feel denied
By anyone but my god sitting pretty in the sky.
You want to be my demon,
I want to think that I can do, all the things I can't
With your time wasting, gone.
I can't stand to watch and wait,
My patience is fragile at best but of late:
I find I'm chewing
Through my metal fingertips, to the tender bone beneath.
I'm not innocent, nor sweet...

Don't try to save me,
I'm the lost one on the floor.
I'm the one who lives next door:
I'm the burn and the bruise,
I'm the sensation that you lose:
But whatever the moment brings,
Don't try to save me.
I'm the dying, I'm the young
I'm the singer who's unstrung:
I'm the sunshine, I'm the dark
I'm that silence in your heart...
But, whatever the moment brings.
Don't try to save me.

~ Bhryn xxx


Bhryn Astairre

Silence shards down
In vicious rain.
Eternal thoughts
Patter on.
Dying embers of
Those angels:
Wings are broken.
An absent Muse
Laughs in cruelty.
Mock despair.
Deep down
Darkness rises.
With the early dawn
Comes release.
Bear witness
To hymns and psalms
For your soul.
It is beyond repair.

~ Bhryn ~ xx

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