D&D 4E New 1D&D playtest opportunity

So 8 years ago 4e got turned to 5e. Now they have announced there will be no new editions, just 1D&D. I was a bit disappointed because I had hoped 6e would look more like 4e.

However with new playtests I am seeing (and so are some friends) some 4e slip back in. Those of us that have been hoping for a retroclone or a resurgence may have a chance of guiding 1D&D. Never will it go back to just 4e. I am sure of that. However we can get martial exploits, and bloodied conditions back... get the HD to work more like Healing Surges (maybe have healing word have you spend a HD, and cure wound heal as if you spent a HD again) and most important (to me) maybe warlords and high level feats that grant damage on a miss...

However we have to try to playtest it. We have to be honest both with what we want and what we can expect to change. So I ask, all of you (and not just 4e, 2e,1e, even my least fav 3e) players to come look at what they are doing and give it a critique... but more then that.

in the last 10 years D&D has grown. Since 5e came out we in theory have at least as many if not more new players that have never seen a 2e,3e,or4e product. So, if we want to see something from old D&D back, we need to tell them. On tick tok, on reddit on facebook at stores at cons... now is the time, pick things you like and want back (or things you hate and want gone) and now is the time to talk about them...

BUT... we must talk respectfully. (I know I am not always the best at keeping calm during edition wars) but if we believe that they believe what they say, then this may be our last chance for change for a while.

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