New Agenda Publishing To Promote Diverse Voices In RPG Communities

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A group of designers, publishers and editors have come together to form New Agenda Publishing, a publishing cooperative/consortium made up of Misha Bushyager, designer for Chill: Save and Lovecraftesque as well as being an editor of the award winning #FEMINISM microgame collection, Eloy Lasanta, the ENnie Award winning publisher of Third Eye Games, and designer and publisher Jerry Grayson of Khepera Publishing.

From their new website, their mission statement is:
"New Agenda Publishing is a consortium dedicated to promoting diversity in the RPG community through our hiring and choices. We want to amplify underrepresented voices and help them tell new stories from their perspective. We want to bring more people of color and especially women of color to the table and we think the best way to do that is by hiring them to help us create the games and worlds they want to play in."

No announcements regarding what games will be released through this new imprint, or if any of the existing game lines already produced by the members will move to this new home.

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David Flor, Darklight Interactive
Does ENWorld have a setting to turn off all comments always on everything? Asking for a friend...

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Stacie GmrGrl

I think they will hire and help publish more works for a wide variety of people in the industry.

While on the surface NAP might "seem" focused on hiring and working with people of color (that's the right phrasing, right? I don't want to cause any insult) I can totally see a large number of people to join... Transgender people, autistic people and other people who are neurodiverse, etc... Regardless of physical dimensions or perceptions of look.

I met Eloy at a game con once. He's very cool, very friendly and welcoming and we talked a little bit of being neurodiverse and gaming. (I am autistic and he has a kid who is too). He's awesome.

So I hope this company hires people like me.

It would be nice if many of us could see that Diversity means a lot more and covers a much wider spectrum of people then "skin color."


Oh gods above, a dedicated SJW publishing house, keep it far away from me. I like diversity, I just don't like the intersectional feminist undertones to this idea.

Still if it's your cup of tea enjoy.


How will their games be different from any other publisher’s or, put another way, is this about who writes the games and not what they’re about?


He Mage
okay but the "straight white males being proud of being straight white males" are neo-nazis, and neo-nazi doctrine is specifically against "DIVERSITY".

Your sexism against males is inappropriate. Your racism is wrong against people of European descent.

Stop the demonization.
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How will their games be different from any other publisher’s or, put another way, is this about who writes the games and not what they’re about?

It's kind of always about who writes the games. When you put an imprint together, you start with a who, and then you get to a what. If the what isn't interesting, unique or exciting, nobody will buy it, and the world continues.

I haven't read or played anything from the three designers behind this company, but some quick googling shows that they are all working on or have worked on relatively unique stuff. Jerry Greyson, for instance, appears to be working on an afro-centric Swords & Sorcery setting called "Bastion." Dope. I could see taking that for a spin on indie rpg day at our comic book store.


Well, that was fun
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I'll just close this appalling display while I have access to a computer. Several people will be leaving this community when I get back on Monday.

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