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WOIN New Auto-Calculating Character Sheet Available (Google Sheets)


While I have used and greatly appreciate the character sheets already available, I was always slightly annoyed at the tendency for character sheets to not give enough room for Skill and Exploits as well as the limited capacity for customizing the looks and layout. So, I decided to make one that allows for full expansion of the exploits and skills as you need more. As I have now finished it, or at least enough for my tastes, I may as well pass it along for others to use as well.

URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tRrkOnDLOpJYzICO34OpZxUTLG4kKvdLisjq1qczrAA/

Feel Free to add suggestions for improvements or fixes either in the thread or with the google sheets comments feature.

Have Fun!

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Aww shucks,
Thank you for that. I definitely wasn't thinking of it as particularly great looking as to me it was a plain and boring layout but, I'm glad to hear disagreement on that front.


I've made a few more updates to the sheet. Including a change-log of what was added. :)

Since my previous post I have
  • Magic Point Calculation
  • Carry Increment
  • Added Psi Point and Chi Point calculation to Magic Point calculation field based on the attribute name in advancements header
  • Added space for calculating 2 extra attributes and 1 extra defense. It's not on display page though as most won't use custom attributes or defenses.
  • Added a basic statblock builder on formulas page
  • Inserted bonus boxes on formula's page for Speeds and Initiative
  • Altered the exploits display to include a hide feature. This is changeable on the formulas page and defaults to "HIDDEN"
  • Skills can now add multiple ranks in 1 line
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