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(Bob Marley wept.)
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Interestingly wide survey. I suspect they want to get a big but shallow snapshot, and we'll see further surveys drilling down into stuff like animated vs live action for TV, or what kind of City State games, etc.

Li Shenron

I thought these were interesting questions...


The second one was a lot more intriguing because the options are pretty different from standard D&D... clearly something in under discussion at WotC!

I had to give my top vote to "Feudal Japan", but I'd love to see also all the others done (except perhaps the first).

DM Howard


For the above questions, I voted :

  • Not at all interested in Dark Sun
  • Not at all interested in Dragonlance
  • Very interested in Eberron
  • Very Interested in Greyhawk
  • Not very interested in Planescape
  • Not at all interested in Spelljammer

  • Not at all interested in large city-states
  • Not at all interested in Arthurian high-fantasy (we basically have this already)
  • Mildy interested in Dark fairy tales
  • Not at all interested in Ancient Greece/Rome
  • Mildly interested in Vikings
  • Not at all interested in Feudal Japan

I also voted that I was interested in TV shows/movies, but I have zero interest in mobile games. I wrote in at the end, asking for more supplemental kind of products, like 3E's Sandstorm or Ghostwalk over adventures.

I would also have written in about Mystara but I forgot. :(


Rotten DM
We need to all vote "Dragonlance" and "Feudal Japan" and see what they come up with.

click boom click boom. Gas gas gas. Match. Burn burn burn. Steam roller. Steam roller steam roller. Scrape, Scrape, Scrape. Toss into cement truck. Pull truck on to ferry. turn off truck. Let cement harden.
Sink ferry over deep trench.
Now none of that nonsense.

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