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Wicht said:
A Nilbog is a goblin with a strange magical condition that causes people to act strange and backwards to how they normally act.

This sounds like a mind-affecting compulsion, as opposed to a time-reversal effect. I'm having a really hard time figuring out how it would interact with spells and spellcasters... Could you give me a hand coming up with the mechanics for this wee beastie? I don't have any experience statting monsters up yet, and I wouldn't want to disrupt the game experience by ineptitude.

Maybe someone summons the Nilbog from a chaotic plane? I'll have to apply some brain juice to this one! There's definitely a fun story in there - thanks Wicht! :)
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From Tome of Horrors (2002)
Nilbog: CR 2; small humanoid (goblin) HD 1d8; hp 4; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; AC 14 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +2 studded leather); Melee +1 (1d8-1 morningstar); Ranged +3 (1d6-1 javelin); SA Spatial-temporal Reversal; SQ Damage Reversal, Darkvision 60 ft; AL NE; SV Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +0; Str 8, Dex 13, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 8.
Skills and Feats: Hide +6, Listen +3, Move Silently +4, Spot +3; Alertness.
SA Spatio-Temporal Reversal: Any creature that comes within 20 feet of a Nilbog is affected by this ability. It causes the creature to act in a way it would not normally act; for example an affected creature may decide to suddenly decide to unload all his possessions into an empty chest or trunk and leave without his belongings. The DM must adjudge the exact circumstances and how it affects those within range. Creatures affected may make a will save (DC 10) to avoid the effects. A new save must be made each time the creature comes within 20 feet of the Nilbog.
SQ Damage Reversal: When struck by any attack that would deal it damage, the Nilbog actually gains hitpoints equal to the damage dealt. It can gain more than its maximum, but never more than twice its normal hitpoints. The Nilbog can only be damaged through the use of curative magic (cure light wounds and healing potions)
Favored Class: rogue

From Pearlman's Curiosity by Willie Walsh (1991)
Pearlman knew something was up when strange things began happening a couple of days away from his destination, Grinley Crossing...he noticed the butterflies, of course, and the birds that were being chased by them. There was also the thrush that took a deep breath and sang a song backward before looking nervously around and walking with an air of forced nonchalance back to its nest.

Whan Pearlman rounded the next bend, a large bundle was lying in the middle of the road. Well, not "lying," exactly. "Struggling" is a better description, because the object was a goblin, bound and gagged with lots of rope and rags of dirty cloth. The mage swiftly rushed it and stabbed it twice with a piece of celery.

When he had taken a few paces and bitten his dagger, Pearlman decided things had gone slightly awry.

Excerpts From Pearlman's Curiosity by Willie Walsh (1991)
As far as is known, nilbogism affects only goblins, though the variety of effects suggests that other, unrecorded creatures might possibly be carriers of the phenomenon. This isn't to suggest that Nilbogism is a disease; rather it is a magical compulsion that occurs when powerful magic is used too often in one place (such as multiple wishes) and the basic fabric of reality is strained.
Whatever the individual nuances of a particular case of nilbogism, the phenomenon always follows a basic pattern. Any creature coming within 100 feet of a nilbog is susceptible to acting in a manner contrary to that being's desired intentions. Notable exceptions are creatures with feline blood, from humble house cats to fabulous griffins, all of which seem unaffected by the aura.
Whether incidental or purposeful, niblogism places persons in real danger of accidental death after a period of 36 hours, as recurring incidents of self-mismanagement increase the odds of death or serious injury.
Luckily Nilbogism operates only in its 100 foot radiuys sphere of influence, centered on the Nilbog itself...No known substance can block a nilbog's aura, so miners underground could be affected by a Nilbog on the surface, if within range.
Because of the nilbog's affinity for magic, spells cast within its aura have a special modifier applied to them. Spells that are normally reversible function in opposition to the intention of the spellcaster, unless cast by a device. A priest wishing to cast cure light wounds on a companion will instead cause light wounds.
...Area effect spells, such as fireball are 25% likely to be cast but fizzle out without doing anything; 25% likely to act as close opposites of their type (a fireball might be replaced with ice storm); 25% likely to act as if cast by the Nilbog or a target in the nilbog's aura, at the same level of ability as the caster (the fireball is reflected and explodes in the midst of the adventurers instead of in front of the nilbog; and 25% likely to stick inthe memory of the spell-caster (the spell refuses to be cast for the duration of the caster's stay in the nilbog's range)...

Devices that story spells or are themselves magical in some way are 50% likely to function normally and 50% likely to do the opposite of what they were designed to do.... this applies to cursed items as well...


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Wicht said:
Any creature coming within 100 feet of a nilbog is susceptible to acting in a manner contrary to that being's desired intentions. Notable exceptions are creatures with feline blood, from humble house cats to fabulous griffins, all of which seem unaffected by the aura.


This guy.. with the rakshasa... perfect.

Thank you veryveryvery much, Wicht! This suggestion kicks ass! :)

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