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I crit!
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Is this actually a novel, per se? The description makes it sound like it's one of those "pop culture and philosophy" anthologies, or maybe a collection of those essays Drizzt writes between chapters of the books he stars in.


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Wow, It's literally just the intros and chapter opening quotes strung together!?!

Personally, from what I remember (it's been a while since I read a Drizz't novel, but I used to not miss them when they came out) his thoughts were always kind of winey and depressing! Not sure I'd find them inspirational!


I liked Drizzt and his companions, Artemis and Jarlaxle though were even better as characters. I liked all the books up until adding 100 years to the realms ruined the stories.

However, there was one thing I hated, the "musings" of the characters inner thoughts at the start of each one their chapter.
The preachy thoughts were just horrible.

Sounds like you found a book of preaching thoughts.

I cannot think of anything worse to read, I would rather burn my fingers on a candle for 6 hours.

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