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General New E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial commercial with relevant easter egg


Doomed Wizard
There's a fun new commercial that is a "sequel" to E.T. and features Elliot (Henry Thomas) as an adult:

A Holiday Reunion

It's chock full of easter eggs, including a 1991 "New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons Game" Set. (read this after watching and see if you noticed it)
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Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
So no one else notice the D&D boxed set(?) under the TV?

But best part is that they got the original Elliot. Although ET really needs to work on that universal translator, they've had a few years to build one. ;)


I noticed it. Granted, my first thought was "Why do they own that really old boxed version of the game?" but I'm sure that was just because the logo was a lot bigger on the side than it would have been had they used the Starter Set. ;) Set dressers have to set dress!