DDAL New Mods! One DDAL and three CCC mods


I crit!
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The first is has it all. A hight level t4 mod with Exploration, Traps, Interaction, and Deadly Combat. I ran this on hard mode for my players and it was a challenge for them. Saw a barbarian player take TONS of damage, voluntarily, to slowly claw his way to the enemy. Very fun.

These I have not yet. I think I'll run them for a Slot 0 for local DM's. If your local and a public DM, send me a message if your interested. Not heard of any other mods taking place in these areas. And the first one is by Jay Africa, which should prove to be at least an interesting mod!

I'm not familiar with the convention these were for. Man I would love to go to all of these conventions and premier them.




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I played Crypt of the Death Giants last weekend. Very fun mod for Tier IV, challenging for high level PCs and interesting to play. One of the better mods to come out lately.


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These adventures were written for Strategicon, the subject of the thread, "Just had an awful AL con weekend."

Though in honesty, the writer's criticisms seemed focused on the DMs at the con, not the adventures.


Hey, that's my thread! :)

I played all three of these at the first strategicon this year (not the one that thread's about). They are all really awesome mods, maybe the most fun series I've played. I personally can't wait to DM them for my local groups. Also, the next three (YLRA-04 through 06) premiered at the last strategicon, and while I did have some bad play experiences, the mods themselves were great from a plot/challenge perspective. Those should be up on DM's Guild later this year. The final three in the series (07 through 09) are premiering at the next strategicon, and I hope to be DM'ing them there. They won't be out on DMs Guild for a while.

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