D&D (2024) New One D&D Playtest Includes 5 Classes & New Weapon Mastery System

Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard

The latest playtest packet for One D&D has just landed, and features five classes (Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard) and the new Weapon Mastery system.

In this new Unearthed Arcana document for the 2024 Core Rulebooks, we explore material designed for the next version of the Player’s Handbook. This playtest document presents the rules on the Weapon Mastery property, updates to weapons, new and revised spells, several new feats, and five classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard. You will also find an updated rules glossary that supercedes the glossary of any previous playtest documents.


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During the D&D next playtest there was a time when they had it so that you could take four rests in a day. Two were at 10 (or was it 20?) minutes, one was 1 hour, and one was 8 hours.

It was two coffee breaks and a lunch, plus a night's sleep.

It was a bit overly complex, but it was good for story immersion.

On Exhaustion: I think that it's important to make systems (such as exhaustion) into things that most players (barring the "cowards" who want to long rest if they're not maxed-out all the time) will actually be willing to play with.

The current exhaustion rules are not that. I don't know anyone who would be terribly willing to continue adventuring if they can at all help it once they have disadvantage on all their d20 rolls.

The playtest version was good for simplicity, but it still went too far (you'd never die of exhaustion because you'd quit first.)

So I've been playing with a homebrew compromise. I'm calling it Fatigue because I think the word is easier to say (and fits on character sheets better - shorter words are better, gang!)

Here's how my Fatigue looks on a a character sheet:

Fatigue: -1) OOO -2) OOO -3) OOO (X)

Those O's are tick boxes. You get -1 to d20 Rolls (and -5ft of movement, you can think of it as -1 "square" if that doesn't bother you). For three "levels" (ticks), -2 for the next three, etc. At 10 "ticks", you'd die.

You get fatigue every time you fail checks during certain exploration activities, but I use it for wounds too, so you tick a circle every time you are Critted or drop to 0HP, or fail a Death Save. You get them back (one at a time) with long rests in safe conditions. (More quickly if you convalesce during downtime).

So far my players have been willing to go on adventuring while fatigued, so it works for me. They would refuse after a single level of 5e Exhaustion, (So I couldn't have ever convinced them to play with using exhaustion for wounds).

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Which is great, but not every campaign runs that way. Either by DM style, or just the nature of the current quest which prohibits stops. And with few classes dependent on Short rests, stopping for a whole hour becomes problematic (narratively, if nothing else). Which is why I suggested it had to be short enough that it could be taken as a breather while the Long Rest classes loot the bodies and such.
I've gone into detail about my latest proposal, which is to make warlock recovery entirely Patron dependent (and to then push the boat out in how different the patrons can be).


Patron Badass
Alright, how about rushing a short rest to 15 minutes restores your spent abilities that you regain on a short rest, but doesn’t allow spending hit dice to restore hit points?

I’m just spitballing here trying to find a compromise. In a standard day of travel or galavanting around town, short rests are trivial. In a lengthy dungeon crawl, they’re difficult to do when monsters are breathing down your neck.
Sorry if I seemed rude, I liked the general idea its just that I tend to not like the exhaustion mechanic specifically. I do think a 15 min SR with no HD restoration could possibly work.


Prince of Dorkness
Sorry if I seemed rude, I liked the general idea its just that I tend to not like the exhaustion mechanic specifically. I do think a 15 min SR with no HD restoration could possibly work.
No worries, I enjoy the feedback. I tend to think out loud on the forums and then say to myself afterwards, “man, that was dumb” or “wait, that didn’t make any sense.”


I don't like the new take on the warlock, but I understand that they want to go away from the short-rest Spellcasting Version. And it's not only because short-rests are so campaign specific but also because it enable so many overpowered multiclass-Builds.

Nearly everyone I played with multiclassed with Warlock because of Eldritch Blast (thants now fixed 8D ) and fuel for their Smites, Metamagic, etc.

Making short rests shorter (which I would really like) would make the multiclass-aspect worse. But if they just limit how often you can take a short rest or at least recover the pact magic, then this wouldn't be a problem.

Oh hey, they got rid of the Exhaustion changes that everyone liked...

'Removed: exhaustion rules. If a rule has been removed, it is not moving forward in the playtest, just use PHB rules'

Back to a single level of exhaustion being a death sentence to any martial, while multiple levels of it remain meaningless to any casters.
What if... Exhaustion were to be completely overhauled to not do anything like it does?

If Hit Points is an amalgam of meat, endurance, energy, and luck, and reducing a person to 0 HP knocks them out... What if Exhaustion reduced your HP maximum, rather than be a fluctuating debuff mechanic that is tracked separately?

If a creature's HP maximum is reduced by exhaustion, and they are reduced to 0 hit points, they become unconcious due to being overwhelmed, but are not dying (unless the damage dealt was equal or greater to the creature's full HP Max).
  • Doesn't stop a coup de grace from being delivered when knocked out, but now damage from magic can drop an enemy without killing them. The heroes have to choose to kill the fallen enemy rather than accidentally do so.
Certain activities might deal NdX exhaustion damage, reducing your HP maximum, rather than grant an Exhaustion level.
  • Forced March
  • Not Sleeping
  • Harsh Weather
  • You can choose to deal exhaustion damage with melee attacks.
  • Certain spells might deal exhaustion damage, like Sleep. This makes Sleep interact better with combat damage, and makes it relevant at any level.
Recovering from Exhaustion:
  • Long Rest: Removes all HP Max Penalties from Exhaustion.
  • Magical Healing: Choose to heal HP, or reduce the Exhaustion Penalty. Example: If you can cure 13 HP on a creature with 4 points of exhaustion, you can either heal 13 HP, or can remove the 4 points of exhaustion and use the remainder on healing (9 points).
  • Lesser Restoration: Can opt to remove NdX of the HP Max penalty (or all, but at least more than magical healing), but does not also return HP. Other Restoration effects might do the same.
  • Short Rest: Spending HD on a short rest heals as normal, but does not reduces the HP Max penalty.

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